More than just an adrenaline-filled race, The Singapore Grand Prix is a thrilling event, filled with unexpected delights just waiting to be uncovered. 

What better way to celebrate the Singapore F1 weekend, than by exploring Singapore on a grand adventure with a twist? Part of a TikTok campaign with Aussie comedy trio @Swag.On.The.Beat, we invite you to experience Singapore with three unexpected locals who would know it best–three gran(dmother)s.

In the second part of our guide, uncover worlds of stylish fun and glamour with Gran Bee Yan. Join the fashion icon on her 'Gran Prix' Singapore Style, as you discover the many glittering facets of fun and fashion in the Lion City.

9am: Tong Ah Eating House

I like starting my mornings with a traditional breakfast, and the version served at Tong Ah Eating House is truly delectable. Tong Ah Eating House was founded back in 1939, which makes it even older than modern Singapore!

For a local breakfast of champions, I recommend ordering kaya (a traditional jam made from coconut and eggs) toast, kopi (black coffee with condensed milk) and half-boiled eggs.

11am: Design Orchard

I've always believed in loving what you do and doing what you love—and you can certainly feel the love in the work of Singapore's many talented artisans and designers here.

More than just a store, Design Orchard is home to local craftsmen. I love it when you chance upon something unique that fits perfectly in your wardrobe or home, which you weren't even looking for in the first place. 

I believe you'll have many such moments at Design Orchard. You can find a whole trove of treasures and designer items from local brands—Foundation Jewellery's Peranakan-inspired brooches, skincare products made by Rooki Beauty, orchid-scented fragrances from Singapore Memories, and many more.

12pm: Orchard Road's Ice Cream Vendors

Dessert lovers will want to try a traditional ice cream sandwich, a treat beloved by Singaporeans of all ages which takes me back to my youth.

If you're lucky, you'll find pushcart vendors selling this iconic snack on Orchard Road, along the stretch near Ngee Ann City. Choose from a variety of flavours like vanilla and chocolate—your ice cream will come in a generous slab, wrapped in a slice of colourful bread, perfect for a hot day. 

1pm: Wildseed Café

This pet-friendly cafe is one of my favourite brunch spots. It's located in a beautiful European colonial bungalow called Alkaff Mansion, nestled in Telok Blangah Hill Park.

You can spend some time meandering around the area and admiring both the greenery and the old-school architecture before heading in for your meal. There are savoury options like Wagyu Beef Pie and Truffle Carbonara, brunch food like Croque Monsieur and their Big Pan Breakfast, and sweet treats like pancakes and waffles—you'll be spoilt for choice!

3pm: Puppy Yoga

I love animals as well as staying active, so Puppy Yoga is a great way to scratch both itches. Dogs are invited to this yoga class, which means that you'll get to work up a sweat, do some stretches and interact with the adorable pooches both during and after your session.

6pm: Dinner at New Ubin Seafood

One of the best ways to experience Singaporean fare is with a kampong (traditional village)-style meal. New Ubin Seafood is a delicious option for food connoisseurs on the hunt for authentic local flavours.

The restaurant has its origins on the idyllic offshore island of Pulau Ubin and has since grown into a beloved dining spot, with 3 restaurants across Singapore. It's famous for serving up zi char (meaning "cook and fry") dishes and the freshest seafood. 

You'll want to order the chilli crab—an iconic local dish—alongside other dishes like the boss bee hoon, deep-fried baby squid and har cheong gai (prawn paste-coated fried chicken).

Gran’s Gift to bring Home–Ying The Label

Fashion is all about expressing your inner self, and the apparel at Ying The Label is bound to help you make a unique fashion statement. These works of wearable watercolour art make for an exquisite memento to wrap up your Singapore Grand Prix Experience.