Kids at a booth exhibit in Science Centre Singapore

Photo by Walter Lim

With more than a thousand interactive exhibits spanning 14 galleries, Science Centre Singapore is an ideal space to inspire the next generation of Newtons or Einsteins.

Trek to the centre of the earth through a crack in the surface, to discover the different layers that lay beneath, or power an engine using the heat from your palm!

These are just some of the fun activities that can be found at 20 permanent exhibitions such as the Ecogarden, which showcases a variety of plants, all growing naturally without human oversight.

Phobia The Science of Fear is a nuanced exploration of this primal emotion, with a host of scenarios that intrepid visitors can experience—ranging from public speaking to being buried alive. Amateur geologists and those who champion the environment can pay a visit to Earth: Our Untamed Planet, which digs deep into the science surrounding our planet and ecosystem.

Shows and demonstrations are scheduled daily and are designed to make learning exciting. Witness a spectacular Fire Tornado Demonstration in safety, hold a giant hissing cockroach in your hand, or gaze into the stars at the Observatory.

Phobia exhibit at Science Centre Singapore

The Science Centre also boasts two other key attractions. The Omni-Theatre is Singapore’s only IMAX dome theatre, which features a five-storey high dome screen that immerses you into the action on the screen. Watch saber-toothed and woolly mammoths come to live, or go eye to eye with a dancing bear.

For a taste of winter in our tropical city, be sure to step into Snow City, Singapore’s first permanent indoor snow centre. In this sub-zero environment, you can whiz down the snow slope on a snow tube, and come face to face with sculptures of extinct animals. While here, you can catch a variety of daily events and activities for the entire family.

Learning never stops, and visitors—whether young or old—are guaranteed to be enthralled by the ingenuity on display at Science Centre Singapore.