Couple on the Pipeline Plunge water ride at Adventure Cove Waterpark™.

Beat the heat with a day out at Adventure Cove Waterpark™. Seven thrilling water rides, such as Pipeline Plunge, will get your heart rate up, as you plunge down an elevated chute and careen across banked turns and radical twists, before splashing out in a pool of water.

But if all you want is a lazy day in the sun, grab a friend and a float, and take a leisurely ride down Adventure River, drifting past stunning habitats including a lush jungle garden, a mysterious grotto and an underwater tunnel with a sea of marine life swimming above and around you.

Swim with the fishes
Father and daughter at Ray Bay at Adventure Cove Waterpark™

The Rainbow Reef, meanwhile, allows you to snorkel in a lagoon with 20,000 friendly fishes playing hide-and-seek in the man-made reef. Or you might want to wade among dozens of rays in Ray Bay, lightly touching their velvety wings as they swim past you.  

The kids will be in for a day of fun as well, with the likes of features such as Seahorse Hideaway, a shallow wading pool complete with fountains that are just the right size for tots. 

After frolicking in the water, you can head to the Bay Restaurant for some nourishment. Indulge in Asian and Western delights al-fresco style on the terrace overlooking the waterpark, the perfect way to round off a delightful day of fun.