Family looking into the tiger enclosure at Night Safari Singapore

As dusk falls, the shutters open at the Night Safari, welcoming you into a world of nocturnal creatures and their mysterious habitats.

Your eyes will take a while to adjust to the darkness here, but once they do, you’ll be greeted by close to 900 animals from over 100 species in this world’s first nocturnal wildlife park. 41% of these species are threatened, including many indigenous to the region, such as the endangered Asian elephant, Malayan tapir and Malayan tiger.

Venturing through the Jungle
Getting up close and personal with elephants on the Safari Tram Adventure in Night Safari Singapore.

For those who prefer exploring the park on wheels, a Safari Tram Adventure with live commentary will you across six geographical zones of the world, from the rugged Himalayan Foothills to the jungles of Southeast Asia.

Exploring the park on one of the four walking trails lets you see even more animals not visible from the tram. Among them are the Fishing Cat Trail that recreates a night time trek through the jungles of Singapore, and the popular Leopard Trail, which features the largest collection of wildlife indigenous to Southeast Asia. Continue your journey on the Australasian-inspired Tasmanian Devil Trail, where you can encounter Night Safari’s first-ever elusive and feisty Tasmanian devils.

Complete your night with the exciting Creatures of the Night Presentation to witness the natural talents of fascinating creatures such as Asian small-clawed otters, fennec fox, raccoon dog, bearded pigs and more.

To maximise your visit, get on board the Safari Adventure Tour where an experienced safari guide show you the best kept secrets of the Night Safari through a buggy ride on the popular Leopard Trail. If you are a night owl, this is the place to be. But even for early sleepers, this 13-time Best Attraction Experience winner is worth staying up late for.