Set to open in the second quarter of 2023, the new wildlife park sits on 17 hectares of land and will transport you into a colourful world of flight. Home to 3,500 birds from over 400 avian species, the wildlife park is designed to encourage discovery at every turn and you are promised an immersive experience in the eight large walk-through aviaries, reflecting features, vegetation and bird species from different biomes of the world.

Walk-through Aviaries
The bee-eaters’ cliff at Heart of Africa.

The bee-eaters’ cliff at Heart of Africa.
Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

A key highlight is the Heart of Africa, where you will find yourself in the forested valleys of continental Africa. Featuring an elevated canopy experience, you will be led into a dense misty forest with meandering forest streams, where species such as the Great Blue Turaco and African Grey Parrot can be spotted displaying their natural behaviours. The aviary also features a Bee-eater’s Cliff where colonies of these migratory birds can be seen diving and swooping for insects in mid-air, a Congolese pavilion, and a larger-than-life artificial Sycamore Fig tree which makes an excellent photo spot!

Fittingly named, Crimson Wetlands will enthral with the colour red. Scarlet Ibises and Roseate Spoonbills will glide over the marshy wetlands set against the backdrop of a floating village in South America. The habitat features a clay lick wall, where you will be able to observe colourful macaws feeding, and a waterfall as a tribute to the Waterfall Aviary of Jurong Bird Park. For breath-taking views of the habitat and waterfall, an elevated restaurant with a menu curated by a local celebrity chef is available to enrich your dining experience.

Up-close Experiences

The new Bird Paradise will continue to offer intimate and interactive feeding sessions, which are well-loved by many visitors. One of them being at Lory Loft where you can revel in the thrills of offering the gregarious lories a nectar cup, enticing them to come up close and even to perch on your wrist and shoulder.

In addition, there are a variety of new and exciting behind-the-scenes tours which integrates conservation education into your experience. The behind-the-scenes tour to Bird Paradise’s fully equipped Avian Health and Research Centre, Avian Nutrition Centre and Breeding and Research Centre are amongst the many tours you can embark on. Here, you will learn about the different breeding programmes and how you can contribute to helping sustain and protect species in the wild.

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