A beautiful capture of a bird's eye view of Marina Bay Sands and The ArtScience Museum in the evening

Ever since its stunning silhouette was unveiled in 2010, the mammoth complex of Marina Bay Sands® has dominated the entire Bayfront area, and imprinted its definitive stamp on the Singapore skyline.

There’s a ton to explore at this massive, 155,000-square-metre integrated resort, which comprises a hotel, convention centre, theatre, museum, event plaza, celebrity restaurants and shops.

Sky Spaces
Stunning view of the Singapore skyline, and the Bayfront area from the SkyPark® of Marina Bay Sands®

A marvel of engineering, it’s no surprise that Marina Bay Sands® was featured on an episode of National Geographic’s documentary television series Megastructures.

Designed by acclaimed architect Moshe Safdie, the structure captivates the imagination, with its three sloping towers soaring 194 metres from the ground, and linked at the top by the expansive SkyPark®.

The park offers visitors 360-degree views of the city’s skyline and contains lush gardens, jogging paths, a public observatory, an infinity swimming pool and the world’s largest public cantilevered space.

Museum of Wonder
Beautiful lit up façade of the ArtScience MuseumTM at Marina Bay Sands®

Other highlights include the ArtScience Museum™, shaped like an unfolding lotus bloom and anchored by a dramatic waterfall. The building’s ‘petals’ rise at different heights, sheathed in a polymer often used for yachts, to achieve a sense of gleaming lightness.

A Display of Light
Beautiful Spectra light and water show by Marina Bay Sands®

Before your day comes to an end, be sure to catch Spectra—A Light And Water Show, a free-to-public visual extravaganza by Marina Bay Sands®.

Spectra—A Light And Water Show chronicles the Singapore story through a mesmerizing 15-minute display of music, water and light. This spectacle is the first of its kind, featuring a 12-metre-high laminated glass prism and state-of-the-art water fountain technologies, including pyramids, gyroscopic arcs and straight jets, as well as lava and mist effects.

A Walk To Remember
Stunning DNA shaped bridge The Helix at night with view to Marina Bay Sands® in the background

Whether you’re at Marina Bay Sands® to catch a show, share a romantic dinner or explore the glamorous boutiques, a walk by the Bay is a must. Day or night, you’ll be mesmerised as the colours of the changing sky are reflected on the gleaming surfaces of this architectural marvel.

End off your visit with a stroll across The Helix. A pedestrian bridge and architectural marvel that links Marina Centre with Marina South, this stainless steel structure’s distinctive, double-helix design is modelled to resemble a strand of DNA.

Four viewing platforms along this 280-metre bridge provide visitors with a stunning view of the Singapore skyline, and are perfect spots to snap photographs.