Chinese-style villa with gilded calligraphy, bamboo roof

Why You Need To Visit

  • History and Architectural Artistry

    Once owned by a prominent Chinese businessman who owned factories in the neighbourhood, this colourful, two-storey bungalow is a must-visit for history buffs looking to admire both European and Chinese styles of architecture. Keep your eyes peeled for intricate details like the gilded Chinese calligraphy and bamboo-tiled roof.

  • Preserving Little India's History

    Currently the last surviving Chinese villa in Little India, Tan Teng Niah House offers a glimpse into the area's vibrant past, where Chinese businesses thrived alongside cattle herders, kilns, and rattan businesses.

  • Art Beyond Art Galleries

    When you're done snapping photos of the villa, head to surrounding streets like Hindoo Road, Bebilios Lane and Clive Street to explore the neighbourhood where murals and street arts are abound!