Saraswati idol at Veeramakaliamman Temple

Why You Need To Visit

  • A Spectacular Sanctuary

    The temple's majestic gopuram or grand tower entrance is adorned with the figures of Hindu deities, while its interior is filled with majestic statues of the goddess Kali. With its colourful and intricate statues and detailing, the temple remains one of the most spectacular places of worship in Singapore.

  • A Landmark Rich in History

    Formerly a shrine that was erected as early as 1855 by Indian pioneers, the temple has a rich history. Refugees who hid here during World War II air raids were left remarkably unscathed.

  • A Place of Faith and Worship

    A popular landmark with travellers, feel free to snap pictures as remembrance of this colorful culture, but do be considerate of the temple's worshippers while visiting.