People offering prayers in Masjid Hajjah Fatimah

Why You Need To Visit

  • A Fusion of Influences

    Just like our city, this beautiful mosque is a blend of Indo-Islamic and European features seen in the traditional onion-shaped dome, Chinese glazed porcelain tiles and a minaret that resembles a church spire. 

  • A Trove of Fascinating Stories

    The first local mosque to be named after a woman, the mosque was built by and named after philanthropist Hajjah Fatimah in 1845 and is filled with fascinating stories. The land was the site of her former house but after two robberies and a fire, from which she managed to escape unscathed, she decided to donate her land for the building of a mosque.

  • The Leaning Tower of Singapore

    Due to its sandy foundations, the mosque's minaret tilts about 6 degrees. While preservation work has stopped further tilting, visitors have dubbed this unique fixture Singapore's very own Leaning Tower.