Handcrafted Footwears in Peranakan Museum

Why You Need To Visit

  • A History of Diverse Influences

    Discover the vibrant tapestry of Peranakan heritage at the museum, where the rich history of diverse influences of the Straits-born people of Chinese, Malay, and Indonesian roots intertwine in a captivating narrative of cultural fusion.

  • Art and Artefacts

    From gorgeous pieces of traditional garb to beautifully handcrafted beadwork, the artefacts on display are a sight to behold. Deep dive into Peranakan life through themes related to origins, home, and style as aspects of identity.

  • Conserved Neoclassical Building

    The Peranakan Museum is housed in the former Tao Nan School, which was built in 1912 as the first modern Hokkien school in the Straits Settlements.

    A little-known fact: The building’s layout is based on Straits Settlements bungalows, where rooms sit around a central hall while toilets and kitchens are outside the main building.