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This is where people with vision and drive turn their passion for growth into fresh opportunities to connect, collaborate and innovate. It’s where Progressors – pioneers, professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators – meet. And new possibilities are created every day.



Wong Mun Summ & Richard Hassell

Visionary Architects Who Design for People & Nature

Using land-limited Singapore as a perfect research laboratory for sustainable urban development.

Financial Services

Richard Koh

Fintech Entrepreneur

Singapore’s Fintech ambitions helped Koh turn his passion into a living dream.

Urban Solutions

Veera Sekaran

The Plant Whisperer

Sekaran finds resilience and inspiration from nature, and sees a future where nature and technology are one.

Advanced Manufacturing

Peter Ho

Engineer of next-gen innovations

Ho pushes the limits to build tomorrow’s solutions in advanced manufacturing.


Yeoh Siew Hoon

Travel industry trailblazer

Yeoh’s success in the travel industry is fuelled by her passion, and driven by technology.