Building a Dream

Teams start off by solving fun puzzles to “earn” tools with which to assemble bicycles. They then have to form an assembly line to put together various types of bicycles.

This fast-paced activity is no child’s play: Participants will have to observe strict standards in quality, and there will be inspections conducted during the build. Together, teams will discover that the key to success is collaboration rather than competition.

The heartwarming surprise comes at the end of the activity, when teams find out who the recipients of the bicycles are: A group of underprivileged children who will be delighted with their lovely gifts. Makes the sweat all worth it!

This challenging yet satisfying team-building exercise is run by Asia Ability, which also creates and produces custom-made CSR events.

Add colour to impact society

Ever thought of leaving your artistic touch in a place you visit? Now you can, with Social Creatives’ unique team bonding activity of mural painting.

Facilitators will provide guidance and instruction to participants as they add colour, literally, to Singapore’s social fabric. The murals will be in community spaces and homes of low-income families in Singapore, and will be a vibrant, uplifting inspiration for a long time to come.

Be a hawker for a day

Singapore is known as a foodie paradise, drawing gourmands the world over for its inexpensive local food and inventive modern cuisine. Get behind the scenes for a taste of what it’s like to be a local hawker and learn to make some local delights while serving a worthy cause.

Organised by Dignity Kitchen, this team-building exercise lets you try your hand at running a food stall – from food preparation, cooking, serving and cleaning up. Recipes include local hawker favourites like nasi lemak (fragrant rice cooked with coconut cream and pandan leaves served with various side dishes), mee siam (rice vermicelli with a sweet and sour gravy, served with hardboiled egg and fried beancurd), and bak chor mee (minced meat noodles), as well as western delights like chicken chop and fish and chips.

Duties will be shared by every member of the team, and this activity can be combined with Dignity Kitchen’s Lunch Treat for the Elderly, where disadvantaged elderly guests get to sample your dishes.

Image Source: Gardenasia

Build team spirit, bond with nature

Nestled in the Kranji countryside amid vegetable and livestock farms, Gardenasia provides customised CSR programmes for teams to get back in touch with, and appreciate, nature.

Groups can choose from various green team-building workshops such as Make a Terrarium, where you’ll learn how to plant a mini garden in a glass container, and Soap Making (using recycled cooking oil). And for an experience that takes you back in time to the good old kampong (“village” in Malay) days of Singapore, try your hand at Kampong Fishing – complete with a bamboo fishing rod and a live worm bait.