Over the last decade, Southeast Asia has experienced a strong CAGR of 5.5% in manufacturing output and is now responsible for almost 4% of the global manufacturing output. Through partnership with European Union (EU) enterprises, Southeast Asian nations have moved from less productive work to more advanced manufacturing jobs, contributing to ASEAN’s economic development.

Advanced Manufacturing Hub

Singapore is a keenly competitive manufacturing hub supported by its strategic location, pro-business environment, highly skilled workforce and accessibility to regional and international markets. Manufacturing is a key pillar to Singapore’s economy, accounting for about a fifth of Singapore's GDP and more than 400,000 jobs and this is expected to remain a significant component of the economy. Sectors such as aerospace, oil and gas, automotive and machinery have remanufacturing activities located here, with aerospace maintenance, repair and overhaul being the biggest contributors.

To ensure that the sector is well-positioned to capture new opportunities, the government works closely with the industry to ensure suitable infrastructure is in place, while propelling relevant talent development to adopt advanced manufacturing technologies.

Initiatives in Developing Advanced Manufacturing

The Singapore government supports the Future of Manufacturing initiative and has established the Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC) in 2015, Asia’s first centre for test-bedding and developing manufacturing technologies.

Manufacturing events in Singapore include Manufacturing Technology Asia (MTA), Inside 3D Printing Singapore and Singapore International Robotics Expo (SIRE). MTA is a biennial event focussed on delivering advanced technologies for high-value manufacturing markets while Inside 3D Printing Singapore is by the organisers of the largest professional 3D printing event worldwide, Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo in New York. SIRE is the regional marketplace to discover business opportunities, projects and funding availabilities for the adoption of robotics and automation solutions.

Opportunities and Growth

Singapore aims to become the global leading manufacturing hub while collaborating with more international brands in the industry. With few manufacturing events in Asia, Singapore sees an opportunity to attract and anchor a pipeline of strategic or best-in-class advanced manufacturing events here.

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