Held from 30 June to 1 July, the PCMA Meetings Forum Singapore 2015 was the second time that both PCMA and STB collaborated to organise a forum aimed at providing education on conference management for association executives in Singapore and Asia. 

“PCMA focuses on delivering high quality education and business networking to help the meetings industry grow and advance. Our members and customers are looking to the region as an area of opportunity and we want to be on the ground supporting the development,” said Mr Karamat

With the association landscape in Asia at an early stage of development, opportunities abound for association leaders and executives to benefit from the forum. PCMA lined up an impressive panel of facilitators that not only represented associations with business opportunities for Singapore but were also a valuable fount of experience which they generously shared with participants. There were discussions led by prominent US and European Association Leaders from established organisations such as the World Obesity Federation, GAMA International, Association for Financial Professionals and the International Urogynecological Association, amongst others, and facilitated by Mr Sherrif Karamat, CAE, Chief Operating Officer of PCMA. 

37 participants from associations, convention bureaux and convention venues attended the sessions which were designed to heighten interactivity as well as facilitate in-depth learning of developing a sponsorship strategy. 

Complementing the programme with an Asian perspective were the following:
1. Mr Ernie Koh, President, Singapore Furniture Industries Council
2. Mr Kevin Teo, Managing Director, AVPN’s Knowledge Centre
3. Mr Paul Er, Director, Global Sales Singapore, Marriott International
4. Ms Angeline Lue, Director of Sales and Marketing, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Ms Neeta Lachmandas, Assistant Chief Executive (Business Development) at the Singapore Tourism Board said "We are happy that PCMA is able to leverage Singapore’s strength in Asia’s meetings industry as an access point to reach key Asian audiences. With them as a partner, we are constantly learning from each other and mutually adding value to each other’s objectives. This is an important element in a partnership and one that we appreciate very much.” 

In the general session presented by Lisa VanRosendale, Senior Vice President of FreemanXP, participants learnt how to enhance and deliver interaction through a myriad of touchpoints. Lisa further elaborated about the various delegate archetypes and how physical spaces at conferences can be engineered to engage and involve each different profile.

The rest of the forum was spent discussing the hot topic of sponsorships. Participants were challenged to think about their sponsorship strategies and what value their association brought to their sponsors. The facilitators gave case studies to help understand how easy it was to re-think sponsorship models in order to maximise the mutual benefit to both parties and the afternoon discussions were kept lively and interactive.  

Mr Leo Hwa Chiang, Director of Asia Business Development, IEEE said, "The forum was well organised (with) high quality speakers (as well as) good and relevant topics. We will participate again next year."

"Thank you for having given us the opportunity to participate in the meeting. I enjoyed the lectures as well as the exercises and it helps me re-think of sponsorship from a new perspective." Michael Riediker, Director of Operations, Institute of Occupational Medicine Singapore

For those who had missed this year’s sessions, the 2015 PCMA Meetings Forum Singapore will be rebroadcasted on 25th August 2015, more details can be found: http://www.pcma.org/events/industry-calendar/landing/2015/07/21/pcma-meetings-forum-singapore-digital-event

The next PCMA Meetings Forum Singapore has been set for 26-27 July 2016 and STB will like to hear from you on topics of interest. To share your ideas and for more information on the forum, please contact:

Ms Dawn Ng, STB
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