Singapore City Gallery

The Singapore City Gallery is the perfect place to get an understanding of how the city-state has developed in the past 50 years. It documents Singapore’s planning challenges and efforts through 10 themes and more than 50 audiovisual and interactive exhibits in 10 themes. The gallery, which sits beside the iconic Maxwell Food Centre, receives more than 200,000 visitors annually.

Admire the massive Central Area Model, one of the largest architectural models in the world. At a scale of 1:400 in scale, it gives you provides a bird’s eye view of the Singapore’s city centre. And don’t miss the 270-degree panoramic show, A Day in Singapore, that depicts scenes of daily life in the country.

The gallery conducts free guided tours on the last Saturday of each month, beginning at 11.30am. You can also request for customised tours by emailing them.

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NEWater Visitor Centre Tour by Public Utilities Board (PUB)

Witness first-hand the operation of advanced membrane and ultraviolet technologies that are used to make NEWater – treated used-water that is safe to drink. NEWater has been integral to Singapore's water sustainability strategy, supplying up to 40 per cent of Singapore's total daily water needs.

Explore the Waterwise Arcade and NEWater factory within the Visitor Centre itself. The Centre engages visitors of all ages with daily interactive tours as well as educational workshops such as the NEWater Scientist Programme, Outdoor Classroom and Water Ambassador.

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Image Source: Tiger Brewery

Tiger Brewery Tour

An entertaining and interactive experience awaits visitors to the Tiger Brewery. Learn more about the heritage of Singapore’s iconic beer, which has an 80-year history of brewing excellence. The tour takes you behind each step of the brewing process – from milling the malt right down to its packaging – and includes a multimedia presentation.

To round off the tour, try your hand at tapping the perfect pint of draught beer. Also, sample the freshest range of brews available at the Tiger Tavern. And if that’s not enough, then bring back some souvenirs as mementoes of the experience.

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Image Source: Facebook/Mediacorp

Mediacorp Experience Tour

Be a news presenter, try your hand at being a DJ and take part in a television production at Mediacorp’s interactive behind-the-scenes tour.

The 90-minute journey provides an insider’s look into the ins and outs of Singapore’s leading broadcast company and participants get to experience what it’s it is like to be part of the media industry in Singapore's first digital media hub: A, which is a purpose-built 12-storey facility equipped with state-of-the-art production and digital broadcast facilities.

There’s also a majestic 50-step staircase that leads to a grand vista overlooking the media park. It is a tribute to the national broadcaster's role in entertaining, engaging and enriching Singapore audiences for over the last 50 years.

Through an engaging and fun format, these tours offer a peek into the can-do, never settling spirit of the city-state that contributed to its growth and transformation from a fishing village into a knowledge-based, innovation-driven economy within 50 years. Hop on board and get inspired!

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