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Find their calm through short exercises

While your event may be planned to excite and  stimulate participation,  event delegates may feel the strain if they’re constantly going from one activity or breakout session to another. Event fatigue can even work against you, making it hard for your delegates to stay engaged.

On the flipside, you don’want them to feel overly relaxed that it brings down the energy of the event. Striking that fine balance through short, stress-busting activities that can slot easily into your programme can do wonders.

This includes guided breathing and meditation-based exercises, which require as little as a few minutes to carry out and can be scheduled in the mid-morning and late afternoon – times of the day when participants are more likely to feel lethargic.

If time permits, you could even consider adding yoga workshops or spa treatments to really soothe your participants’ senses and clear their mind. These can often be arranged with the help of the conference venue’s event planners. For example, Grand Hyatt Singapore’s wellness options include energising activities like yoga and Pilates sessions, as well as neck and shoulder spa treatments that can be customised to fit seamlessly into your programme.

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Have fun outdoors

Whether it’s a sunset jog along Marina Bay or a morning Pilates session at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, your participants will appreciate the chance to get moving and to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air.

Aside from the release of endorphins that will leave your participants happy and energetic, they will also appreciate the chance to take in the sights and sounds of Singapore beyond the walls of the conference venue.

You may even consider going one step further and get their adrenaline pumping with outdoor adventure activities. Located at Siloso Beach Walk is MegaAdventure, which offers various types of outdoor activities, from a 75-metre high zip line to a five- to 15-metre high tree top walk over Sentosa’s lush tropical rainforest.

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Eat right

We all know that old adage – you are what you eat.

What you serve your guests at mealtimes should not only be about pleasing their taste buds, but also offering options that are light, healthy and delicious, which will help reduce lethargy after meal times.

Increasingly, venue providers can work with event organisers to curate menus that cater to various tastes and dietary preferences of their delegates, without compromising the objectives and programming of their events.

For example, Going Green at Marina Bay Sands® offers a dedicated Harvest Menu that is both healthy and environmentally sustainable. Ingredients are either locally or regionally sourced, which ensures greater freshness while reducing food miles, so less greenhouse gases are emitted into the environment during transportation.

Through a healthier and greener diet, your guests can find joy in doing their bit for the environment even as they attend your event.