Set a realistic budget

Having a good understanding of current pricing in catering helps greatly to ensure that sufficient budget is allocated to food and beverages. It is important to discuss and allocate the budget according to how the whole event and programme will be run. It is also important for event planners to keep in mind that costs differ from country to country so budgets will need to be adjusted accordingly.

Build a relationship with your caterer

Be honest and share with them full details so that they can serve as a countercheck throughout the entire process from the drawing board to execution.

Tie in details from venue to event set-up

The event set-up at your venue can help set the mood and ambience for the whole event catering. For instance, when hosting international guests, you can consider injecting a touch of local culture; be it in the food through experiential dining or in the look and feel of the set up.

Experience is key

Work with caterers who are proactive, forward-thinking and always at the forefront of current trends around the world. A good execution record and prior experience goes a long way towards the success of your event.

Flexibility and ability to handle onsite ad-hoc requests

There will often be unplanned last-minute requests or unforeseen issues that may develop during an event. Having a caterer who is able to stay calm, attend to the requests on hand and with flexibility to offer alternative solutions will contribute to the success of your event.