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  • Udders Ice Cream


Udders Ice Cream


Udders Ice Cream puts the quirk in ice cream with its cheeky flavours that never fail to excite.


Udders Ice Cream was started by husband-and-wife duo, David and Peck Lin, who shared the dream of creating Asian and alcoholic ice cream flavours that truly hit the spot. Known for its fun, quirky branding (and instantly recognisable bright orange hue), the brand has grown into a local favourite. After all, its range of ice creams stays light on cream and sugar, contains flavourful natural ingredients – and also one of the highest alcohol content in the category within Singapore. Today, Udders Ice Cream has 5 ‘milking (retail) outlets’ and about 300 retail points in Singapore and has delighted people from all over the world onboard Singapore Airlines, Scoot, and Jetstar flights.

Delight in the passion of Udders Ice Cream here


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