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  • The Cookie Museum

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The Cookie Museum


From floral-infused flavours to locally-inspired cookies, you'll be delighted with every bite of cookie from The Cookie Museum - An award-winning gourmet brand. 


Established 17 years ago in a tearoom at Singapore landmark Esplanade, The Cookie Museum’s passion is to bring customers on a delicious journey of cookie discovery. With more than 500 original handmade selections, you’re in for a taste adventure that could transport you to the cafés of Venice, famous food streets of Bangkok or Singapore’s very own iconic hawker centres. Ingeniously infusing cookies with local flavours — such as Singapore Chilli Crab Cookies, Singapore Chicken Rice Cookies and Nasi Lemak* Cookies —has set them apart as an innovator and food culture ambassador. Their pretty embossed tins are inspired by classic European art and global travel scenes, making them great collectibles and gifts of joy and appreciation.

*a Malay dish of rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf, with chicken and other ingredients



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