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  • Soup Restaurant

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Soup Restaurant


In the mood for Chinese food? Check out The Soup Restaurant - A local restaurant that serves up traditional home-cooked dishes originated from family recipes.


This household name restaurant brand is famed for their unique Samsui Ginger Chicken, inspired by the dish eaten by Samsui Women (Chinese immigrant women who worked in construction) in Singapore’s early days. It’s also popular for its herbal soups and comforting yet indulgent dishes created with heirloom recipes. Started in a small shophouse in Chinatown in 1991, Soup Restaurant has bloomed to include over 18 restaurants in Singapore and in the region, and continue to bring people together with its heartwarming fare. Building on their history of great taste and heritage cuisine, the humble flavours of Soup Restaurant are available for purchase via frozen food products and bottled sauces.