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  • Palola

Fashion & Accessories



Step out in style with Palola - A local artisanal shoemaking brand that combines classic designs with comfort to produce stylish handcrafted footwear for women.


A gap in the market between mass-produced footwear and luxury footwear propelled Palola founders Josh Leong and Jeremiah Ang to set up their own artisanal shoemaking brand. They operate with an obsession for craftsmanship, perfectly illustrated by an insistence on lasting shoes by hand, a traditional shoemaking technique usually offered only by bespoke shoemakers, where the leather uppers are pulled and shaped over the shoe lasts, to give shape to the shoes. Combined with luxury-grade materials imported from Europe, this results in classic ladies’ footwear that are impeccably made to stand the test of time in both form and function.



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