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  • Kew Organics

Beauty & Wellness

Kew Organics


Kew Organics is all about delivering that skin glow-up with organic products and treatments.


During her quest for a lasting and hassle-free solution to treat her persistent acne problems, founder Lily Kew discovered the goodness of water-based organic beauty which liberated her from makeup ever since. Kew Organics' desire to impart the joy of clear skin sans makeup has shaped its disruptive thinking of the concepts of Cleanse, Tone and Hydrate. It supports fair trade and uses 100% recyclable Miron glass bottles to protect products from UV rays and to extend shelf life. Suitable for all skin types and climates, its five salons and an online store serve up bespoke organic facials and products for clear, healthy, and makeup-free skin, affirming its ethos that bare skin rocks.


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