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  • FreshJoy

Packaged Food & Beverage



Discover FreshJoy - A healthy drinks brand inspired by the heritage of the Teo family who lived and worked in Singapore's Haw Par Villa in the 1960s.


A drink infused with not just superfruits, but a sense of heritage — that’s the story behind FreshJoy. Inspired by his father Teo Veoh Seng, a craftsman who maintained Haw Par Villa’s 1,000-odd sculptures for 68 years, as well as his grandfather’s drink stand at Haw Par Villa in the ’60s, Teri Teo wanted to create a product that could encapsulate Singapore’s rich cultural heritage. The result is FreshJoy, a fruit vinegar drink inspired by the stories of the Teo family, with refreshing and nourishing products like Apple Vinegar Drink and Gac Vinegar Drink, which contains Gac, a Southeast Asian superfruit. 


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