The second edition of the Wellness Festival Singapore (WFS) is back in full swing, with over 180 activities packed into a month-long calender of activities.

Whether you’re looking to find your zen, work up a sweat or max out your gains, WFS is bound to supercharge your fitness journey. Here’s a peek into the exciting activities that await you.

Supercharge the senses

If you’re looking for wellness in the heart of the city, you can't miss The Wellness Experience Space, which runs from 17 June to 9 July. Located at the Event Plaza at Marina Bay Sands this pop-up boasts a range of installations, from an obstacle course at The Active Arena to sound bathing, fragrance workshops and High Intensity Interval Training set to dance music.  

Alternatively, drop by the Zentosa LiveWELL Festival for a range of activities, including nature-themed craft workshops, Zumba and barre classes.

Relax and Rejuvenate

Whether you’re in the mood for meditation or looking to rejuvenate on a nature escape, there’s a whole range of activities to enjoy at WFS.

Stroll through the mangroves at Pasir Ris Park with Reflective Mangrove Rambling, feel the wind in your hair with Kayak Sailing, Nature & Food or create your own nature-themed work of art by signing up for Walking With Colours.

Break a sweat

Unique workouts abound at WFS, with a whole range of activities to help you build up your cardio or hone, tone and sculpt those muscles.

Move and groove with Beats Therapy Performance, achieve your stretch goals with Restore Your Senses: Yin Yoga or jab and roundhouse your way to fitness with a Muay Thai for Self Defence class.

Discover new forms of wellness

Novelty is the name of the game for fitness enthusiasts looking to put a spin on their routine, and WFS is set to deliver. Admire wildlife while working out with Animal Yoga, get your groove on with a Zumba session in the snow or indulge in a healing session with a Cacao Ceremony.

Spend quality time with the family

Health and wellness for the entire family is certainly on the cards – introduce your little ones to the practice of mindfulness at the 1 Day Holistic Kids Camp, or pair up with your kid to engage in a Breathe & Bond yoga session.

Other activities include community drumming sessiona, art therapy workshops and Qi Gong classes for the entire family.

There's so much more to discover at Wellness Festival Singapore – Book your tickets and get the lowdown at WWW.WELLNESSFEST.SG. To discover even more wellness offerings in Singapore, be sure to download the Visit Singapore Travel Guide app (available on App Store and Google Play).