Feasts, festivities, and a world of new flavours await foodies at the Singapore Food Festival (SFF), an annual event that celebrates unique flavours from our sunny island and across the globe.

SFF 2021—the 28th edition of the festival—took on a brand-new hybrid format, with a thrilling line-up of live and virtual events.

Visitors to SFF 2021 rediscovered their love for food with masterclasses by Michelin-starred chefs, jaunts through some of Singapore’s scenic neighbourhoods and a smorgasbord of exclusive eats.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next edition of the Singapore Food Festival, which returns in 2022. In the meantime, here’re some of the highlights from SFF 2021 to whet your appetite!

A Medley of Masterclasses

Culinary mastery took front and centre stage at Singapore Food Festival 2021, with a constellation of world-class chefs sharing tips, tricks and tantalising recipes.

Chef Bjorn Shen—resident judge on MasterChef Singapore—and Chef JP Anglo of Sarsa in Philippines joined hands to whip up a flavourful variation of the classic oyster omelette, while Michelin-starred chef Rishi Naleendra took participants on a journey through the spices of Singapore and Sri Lanka.

In another inspiring collaboration, Chef Liam Li—executive chef of Good Wood Coffee in Chengdu—worked with Chef Eugene See from Birds of a Feather to create mouth-watering fusion fare that combined the flavours of Singapore and the Sichuan region. Culinary creations from the dynamic duo included Sichuanese Lobster Rojak and seabass in a laksa-inspired broth.

Tantalising Tours

Besides insights from kitchen insiders, SFF 2021 also boasted a whole range of exciting tours through some of Singapore’s most charming neighbourhoods.

Participants explored the old-school architecture of Tiong Bahru with Veg This City, picnicked on the pristine beaches of Singapore’s Southern Islands with Keong Saik Bakery, and learnt about the nuances of hydroponics farming at Kok Fah Technology Farm.

With virtual tours of Little India and Tiong Bahru, SFF 2021 also gave participants the opportunity to join the festivities without leaving the comfort of their living rooms.

Exclusive Eats

No food festival would be complete without a feast, and SFF 2021 delivered in spades, with products showcasing some of our nation’s most beloved flavours.

Exclusive products included Fupi’s Laksa Beancurd Skin Crisps, Nommish’s Kopi Granola, and Nissin and Irvin’s Salted Egg Flavour (Bowl Noodles), alongside other unique eats and treats.

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