Experience Treetop Zone

As you stroll through amidst the lush green canopies of the Treetop Zone, you’ll be greeted by Tairee the White Tiger, an adorable virtual reality mascot who represents the virtue of courage. Photo by: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Take a walk in the wild, and uncover the stories and sensory treasures of nature with Rainforest Lumina. The first such experience in Southeast Asia, Rainforest Lumina was first launched by the Singapore Zoo in 2018, as part of its 45th anniversary celebrations.

Visitors can expect to be enthralled by a mesmerising audio-visual experience that takes place across ten picturesque zones within the Singapore Zoo, and evokes the lush, luminous world of the rainforest at night.

Merging story and setting, Rainforest Lumina features a distinctive narrative where visitors get to meet the Creature Crew, a heroic group of eight virtual animals who will take you on a magical adventure like no other.

At the enhanced multimedia Water zone, be captivated by Bob the Otter, as he prances around his playground, displays his mastery over the weather, and conducts a symphony of light and sound orchestral music, in tandem with the spectacle of a simulated thunderstorm. Or pay a visit to the Treetops zone, where Tairee the White Tiger will welcome you to his habitat with an adorable song and dance routine.

Join them and the other Creature Crew to play, sing and discover the enchanted world of Rainforest Lumina. For wherever the Creature Crew roams, the rainforest blooms with wonder.

To learn more about this event and grab your tickets, check out rainforestlumina.wrs.com.sg