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You can’t leave the country without sampling its excellent food options; use this handy guide to check out the family and kid-friendly restaurants in Singapore.

Eat and Play – get the best of both worlds

Everyone in the family can have their cake and eat it too at places that allow you to eat and play.

Not only does EatPlayLove Café serve good food at affordable prices, they also specialise in craftwork and craft-making! Situated within the Kampong Glam area, the young ones can get their creative juices working in the café’s Craft Corner while their parents take a stroll along the neighbourhood. Some quintessential sites to visit in Kampong Glam are the Sultan MosqueMalay Heritage Centre, the stylish themed boutiques and superb eateries—truly an eclectic blend of culture and lifestyle!

For a nature-loving family, check out Labrador Park & Nature Reserve for its coastal cliffs and rocky shores. Follow the park trail and you’ll end up crossing the Keppel Bay Bridge to Keppel Island, which is home to Prive Café – another great spot to enjoy a family meal. Kick back and relax by the water’s edge while tucking into creations like Eggs Benedict for brunch, and a juicy wagyu burger for lunch and dinner. 

Fancy cats? Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa is perfect for all (ages 7 and up for kids). Cuddle and play with the cafe's 13 resident felines while you graze on light bites such as cakes and tarts.

Savour Local Delights

The local food in Singapore is to die for. Its multicultural landscape means you get a good mix of everything – from Chinese, Malay to Indian fare.

Treat the family to light bites at venues like Chin Mee Chin Confectionery and Ya Kun Kaya Toast. These two locations are known for their kaya (coconut jam) creations, such as kaya toast (toasted bread slices slathered with coconut jam and a dollop of butter) and kaya balls (only at Ya Kun) – bite-sized dome-shaped buns filled with the sweet concoction. Prefer takeaway treats? The ever-popular bakery chain Bengawan Solo offers a dizzying array of kueh (bite-sized snacks) that everyone will love, including pandan kaya cake, kueh lapis (layered cake) and onde-onde (glutinous rice balls filled with liquid palm sugar).

Need something more substantial? Try roti prata (fried Indian flatbread) at Sin Ming Roti Prata. This iconic Indian dish comes stuffed in all sorts of sweet and savoury ingredients – cheese, sardines, mushrooms, honey, chocolate… the list is virtually endless. Use your hands for this dining experience, everyone – especially the kids – will love it.

Ready for dessert? Head to Peanut Ice Kachang, situated in one of Singapore's most popular hawker centres, Maxwell Food Centre. For a serving (or two) of, well, peanut ice kachang (shaved ice topped with ingredients such as red beans, sweet corn, and syrup), this icy, sugary dessert is guaranteed to hit the spot and cool everyone down on a sweltering day. 

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Say you’re visiting these joints and the kids will definitely be smiling from ear to ear (hello, sugar rush!).

It’s hard to resist cupcakes, especially when they’re as good as the ones at Plain Vanilla Bakery in Tiong Bahru. Pick from a wide range of flavours such as chocolate hazelnut, cookies & cream, cinnamon brown sugar, and the ultimate hot favourite – red velvet, and then head on outside, where there are magazines to read and a little play area for the kids.

Prefer a frozen treat? Make a beeline for Udders, where you’ll find a variety of unique Asian-inspired flavours – think Mao Shan Wang Durian, Green Tea-rrific, and Sexy Me (black sesame). For the grown-ups, there are plenty of alcoholic choices on offer, from Butterscotch Whiskey to Wineberries (port and cranberries). Want something else with that cold dessert? Drop by Sunday Folks at Holland Village for soft-serve ice cream atop freshly-made, crispy waffles. Mmm!

If you seek a healthier option, there’s also frozen yogurt and popsicles to be had at Yogart. This is more of a takeaway concept so grab a cup of froyo topped with whatever you want, or a pretty popsicle made from fruits like mango and blackberry.

It’s always more fun when you’re involved in the food-making process. Get everyone to chip in and do their part at Slappy Cakes, where you can make your own pancakes and design them any way you want. This is the one time everyone gets to play with their food without being told off – adults included. 


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