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Discover hidden nature

Malaysian personality and conservationist Aishah Sinclair brought her daughters to Singapore to ignite their passion for nature, and were subsequently awe-inspired by numerous natural wonders. Her guide on this eye-opening adventure was Wildlife Consultant and Nature Guide Subaraj Rajathurai, who has dedicated his life to learning about and protecting the habitats of the countless species that call Singapore home. Together, the two conservationists designed a trail that will captivate families with the breadth and depth of our city state’s hidden wildlife.


A nature walk
to remember

With easy access to nature parks like Gardens by the Bay and the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore inspired Aishah to design this trail, which inspired Aishah’s daughters to discover and study more about nature. You and your young children too can embark on this trail, which invites one and all to enjoy the best of Singapore’s flora and fauna. Throughout their adventure of learning and exploring, Aishah got to share many happy moments with her children.

Strolling through time

Aishah’s family took a breezy ferry to Pulau Ubin, which is just a few minutes from the mainland and let the children see a scenic quarry, teeming wetlands and rustic ‘kampung’ (‘Village’ in Malay) houses. Aishah’s family got to speak with the last villagers in Ubin and learn about the old days. Subaraj also showed them the various flora and fauna species that inhabit Ubin, which inspired Soraya to learn more about wildlife. Aishah enjoyed watching her daughters explore every nook and cranny of this lush and exotic island, where nature co-exists with the old way of life.

Nature up-sized

Aishah and her daughters loved strolling through the Supertrees of the 101-hectare Gardens by the Bay and learning about the Flower Dome’s 32,000 different plants. “The Cloud Forest completely takes your breath away from the moment you step in, as you are greeted by the world’s tallest indoor waterfall,” adds Aishah, who loved walking through this cool tropical forest. “It was nice being able to see the 16-storey-tall Supertree Grove up close, having seen it a lot in pictures and from afar.”

A sprawling garden in the city

A sprawling park in the heart of the city, the Singapore Botanic Gardens gave Soraya and Aina the opportunity to learn about nature through play. “The girls did not want to leave,” shares Aishah, who was pleased that her daughters had fun in the treehouse and slide of Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. “They were busy playing hide-and-seek in the maze, climbing trees and staring enviously at the children playing in the fountain (we did not bring their swimmers, much to their dismay!).”

Aishah and her daughters at Gardens by the Bay

Aishah Sinclair: Mommy Explorer in the Garden City

Aishah visits Singapore’s diverse array of nature spots, which you can bring your family too to learn about nature and soak in its tranquility.


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