First established in 1982, Southeast Asia’s largest running event has been a massive draw for runners in Singapore and around the region. In recent years, the event has seen almost 50,000 participants pushing their physical and mental limits in a range of different race formats.

With five categories fuelled by virtual and augmented reality technologies, 2020’s race format will allow fitness fans based both in Singapore and across the globe to come together in a test of their mettle.

Virtual Races, Riveting Challenges
Virtual participant at Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2020

Besides being an adrenaline-pumping affair, this year’s Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon will allow avid runners unprecedented choice, with both augmented indoor routes and virtual races to pick from.

Strap on your smartwatch and register for a virtual race, or hop on a treadmill and immerse yourself in augmented reality as you race indoors.

Leading up to the Standard Chartered Grand Finale are the races under the Virtual Racing Series. Rediscover Singapore’s many facets and race as one, with four themed routes geared toward the passion tribes of Action Seekers, Culture Shapers, Explorers and Foodies. On the nine days of the Grand Finale, you’ll get to pick between a 10-kilometre race, a half marathon, or a double up challenge that’ll have you doing both.

The races under the Augmented Reality format will be no less thrilling. These race formats will have runners creating avatars of themselves and competing with other challengers in real time via treadmill, all while taking in some of Singapore’s most iconic streetscapes and landmarks.

Register for the race now at the Virtual Club, the go-to site to get in gear and check out weekly race updates and challenges. The all-in-one platform will also include an online store with redeemable rewards and a suite of resources for fitness fans, such as training guides, nutrition tips and in-depth performance tracking tools.

Race As One — All You Need to Know
Participant crossing the finishing line

All revved up to run that race? Here’s all you need to know to get yourself prepped.

Entry fees: Registration is free for all participants
Race Period: 27 November – 6 December 2020

Registration Details:

1) Create a SCSM Virtual Club Account here.

2) Pick from the five race categories and register:

VR Formats
SCSM Grand Finale VR 10KM
SCSM Grand Finale VR Half Marathon
SCSM Grand Finale VR Double Up Challenge

AR Formats
SCSM Grand Finale Rouvy AR 10KM
SCSM Grand Finale Rouvy AR Half Marathon

3) Check your email for race instructions and options to book your attendance at the Grand Finale Celebration Experience.

4) Participants signing up for the AR 10 KM and Half Marathon Formats will receive additional info on participating gyms, device activation and download instructions for the Rouvy AR App. 

Take a bow — Grand Finale Celebration
Gardens by the Bay

Go on a victory lap to celebrate finishing the race, and bask in an endorphin glow with other runners with the Grand Finale Celebration.

Crowning the conclusion of the race on 5 and 6 December, this celebratory experience at Gardens by the Bay will allow runners to commemorate their resilience and physical prowess. Runners can choose to have official photos snapped against iconic backdrops of their choice and pick up the race entitlement bundles they may have purchased.

Spectate As Stars Champion A Good Cause

Cheer on your favourite celebrities and personalities live on SCSM’s Facebook page on 5 December from 6-8pm.

Guests on the show will participate in an augmented reality half marathon relay challenge, as they work up a sweat for a good cause. The show will also feature heart-warming stories and achievements that have taken place over the 15-week-long SCSM Virtual Racing Series.

Guests invited on the show will form teams of 5 and compete against each other to raise funds for Community Chest. 

The show will be hosted by local celebrities Chua En Lai and Kym Ng, and will feature the heart-warming stories and achievement that have taken place over the 15-week-long SCSM Virtual Racing Series.

Viewers will also get to watch Team Singapore athletes Jasmine Goh and Emma Middleditch face off against local stars Mark and Bea Richmond in a bout of friendly competition.

You can do your part to contribute to a good cause as well by visiting

To get the most out of the race and stay updated on the latest adrenaline-pumping events, be sure to download the Visit Singapore Travel Guide app (available on App Store and Google Play).