Bismillah Biryani

If you are a biryani-lover, this is one place that you definitely should not leave off your list on your next trip to Singapore. One would not suspect that this humble shoplot is actually home to a Michelin Bib Gourmand awarded biryani dish. Stepping into the dark, red interior of the shop does little to prepare for the wonders your taste buds are about to discover.

Owner Arif Salahuddin began his journey to whip up the perfect biryani dish, after failing to find what he considers “real biryani” in Singapore. He feels that adding curries or any other toppings, to add flavour to the dish just proves the inauthenticity of the meal.

“I believe real biryani should be enjoyed on its own. The traditional dum biryani is one where all the meat, rice, and spices are cooked together with the flavours perfectly cooking through all the ingredients of the dish leaving right amount of moisture,” he explained.

You might think that biryani without curry would come across as incomplete, or bland, but it turns out, Arif is right. While they also offer raita, a yogurt sauce that pairs perfectly with the dish, their biryani is mouth-wateringly good all on its own.

At S$15 per plate for their mutton briyani, what you’ll get is a mountain of fragrant Basmati rice, under which lies generous mutton chunks that you will fall in love with at the first bite. For those who can’t have food that is too spicy, the raita does well to tamp down the spiciness of the rice. Meanwhile, the tender mutton will keep you coming back for more—even when you’re full to the point of bursting—thanks to the flavourful meat enhanced by all the spices added into this dish.

Be sure to wash down your meal with a deliciously cold dessert! Bismillah’s kulfi, a frozen dairy dessert that is often dubbed the “traditional Indian ice cream”, is a refreshing mix of milk, cardamom, and pistachio nuts. Savour every bite of this cold treat and leave Bismillah Biryani with your taste buds and your tummy contented.


A hawker centre is one of the last places you’d expect to find a Michelin awarded eatery, and yet, Singapore has managed to offer up four different hawkers’ stalls that boast the Michelin Bib Gourmand award. Among them, you’ll find Wedang, the only Halal hawker stall to make the list. And their specialty? Soto, tauhu goreng, and gado-gado!

Offering you the choice of yellow mee (egg noodles) or beehoon (rice vermicelli) in your soto dish, owners Azman Khamis and Khamis Sulaiman have perfected the taste of their recipe, giving you springy noodles in a tasty broth. The soup is truly what ties the whole dish together, as it balances the soto flavour with a pretty manageable spicy level. The begedil (deep fried potato patty) adds extra oomph to the meal—but be sure not to let it soak in the soup for too long!

Wedang’s tauhu goreng dish is proof that sometimes, simplicity is best. They may not be a 5-star restaurant, but this dish is definitely worth 5 stars. The tofu’s crispy skin breaks away to reveal a buttery smooth inside, that, when paired with the sweet, nutty sauce, create a delightful explosion in your mouth.

And of course, how could anyone miss out on the gado-gado? It would almost be a sin to eat here and not order this delightful dish. Arguably the star of Wedang’s menu, it features fried potato chunks, blanched vegetables, tempeh, hard-boiled egg slices, lontong, fried tofu, and prawn crackers, slathered in a thick, nutty sauce that will have you munching away until, to your surprise, the entire dish is gone.

Hajah Maimunah

Spice up your life with the acclaimed dishes from this Michelin Bib Gourmand awarded eatery. Having been around since 1992, Hajah Maimunah specialises in nasi padang cuisine with recipes from the late mother of its owner, Mahiran Abdul Rahman. As of now, there are over 40 types of dishes on the menu for you to pick from, thanks to the innovative ideas that have been brought onboard by various cooks.

Meat lovers should give their rendang a go as they serve a mouthwatering dish of beef rendang. It’s not uncommon to find the meat in beef rendang a little too tough, as many places tend to overcook it. However, here, you’ll get juicy and tender beef servings, drenched in rich rendang gravy, where the sinfully delicious taste of coconut milk makes its presence well and truly felt. And if you prefer white meat, they also offer chicken rendang. So order away, and be sure to soak up every last drop of their delicious rendang gravy with a bowl of steaming hot rice!

While still on the subject of chicken meat, another must-try is their charcoal-grilled chicken. Featuring a burst of flavours that will delight both the young and olds, the aroma of the chicken will get your taste buds excited. Biting down into the juicy flesh of the chicken rewards you with an explosion of spices, closely followed by the smoky aftertaste that is so loved in this traditional dish.

Seafood fans will also be spoilt for choice with selections such as their pari asam pedas, lemak siput sedut, and udang belado to pick from. If you’re feeling adventurous, ask for a serving of the lemak siput sedut—yes, snails!—and enjoy the blend of turmeric, coconut milk, lemongrass, and ginger that turn this into a slurp-worthy dish.