Feasting on Fresh Seafood in Singapore
Photo by Home of Seafood

Who doesn’t love seafood? Even better—who doesn’t love Chinese-style cooking seafood that focuses on the idea of perfectly balanced flavours—its sourness, sweetness, saltiness, and spiciness, together in unison creating plates of seafood heaven. From deep fry-style cooking to stir-fry dishes, even steamed seafood, whatever your seafood preference is, you know that the most important thing when it comes to seafood lies in its quality and freshness.

We’ve been seeing seafood restaurants experimenting with new style of cooking to meet customers’ current palette. More seafood restaurants are going through evolution of their own by expanding their menus and becoming more experience-focused. Let’s take a look at two recent trends in seafood cooking that’s starting to find a place in seafood lovers’ hearts and how these two most popular Halal seafood restaurants in this country are embracing these trends.

Experience shell out at Kampong Chai Chee Restaurant

For those who have yet to experience shell out-style cooking, it’s about time you give this popular seafood trend a go. Shell out is a dining experience. Various type of seafood—squids, prawns, mussels, shellfish, and crabs with the shells on—and vegetables; are cooked together in a style of your choice creating a mix seafood type of dish. This dish is later served by spreading it out on the table without any plates, often with steamed rice on the side, creating an on-tray serving, style of presentation best enjoyed with companies.

With five outlets across Singapore and 28 years of experience in serving great seafood to Singaporeans, Kampong Chai Chee Restaurant (KCCR) needs no introduction. They’ve recently added shell out menu into their wide selection of seafood and non-seafood menu to meet the growing demand for affordable shell out experience especially among Halal seafood lovers. Try KCCR’s spicy chili shell out if you’re looking for that extra kick of heat that will make you sweat in pleasure. If spicy cooking is not your thing, we highly recommend the popular salted egg-style shell out menu for some creamy and salty seafood goodness.

The restaurant also offers à la carte menu for those wanting to have a taste at KCCR’s signature seafood menu they’ve been known for. If you must, the Siakap Tiga Rasa (sweet, sour, and spicy sea bass) is one meal you can’t afford to miss. Sea bass deep-fry to perfection until the skin becomes brown and crunchy, topped with a tiga-rasa sambal (three-flavours sambal). Enjoy the sea bass with rice and other dishes such as the Sambal Sayur Kangkung Rajah (water spinach in sambal), and Nestum Prawn (fried prawn cooked with Nestum) will complete your life.

Experience Korean seafood tower at Home of Seafood

Photo by Home of Seafood

A seafood tower—what is that? This is yet another food trend from Korea that’s slowly getting attention among Singapore seafood lovers. The idea of the seafood tower comes from a steaming cooking method where steaming pots are arranged like a tower, where every tier contains one type of dish—partially cooked and later steamed—creating flavourful juices that comes together in the base soup, arranged at the bottom of the tower pots. All dishes prepared and steamed at every tier are of a seafood and vegetable meal of your choice—be it the crab, fish, squid, and others. Interesting, isn’t it?

Photo by Home of Seafood

Ideal for families and gatherings, Korean seafood tower at Home of Seafood down at Joo Chiat Place is Singapore’s first ever-Halal seafood tower. For those unfamiliar, Home of Seafood is one of the first authentic Chinese-style seafood in Singapore that offers Halal menu and holds a special place among the locals. Known for their signature crab menu such as the award-winning black pepper crab, chilli crab, and salted egg crab; Home of Seafood is an excellent dining option for those looking to have an uncompromising seafood experience that upholds the aesthetics of Chinese-style seafood cooking at every aspect from its flavours, tastes, presentation, and most importantly, the fresh seafood fare readily available for you to choose from.