Comfort Food for Common People

Many would disagree, but for us, comfort food is by itself an art. There’s some kind of satisfaction you’ll get when eating the comfort food of your choice—whatever they are. To some, comfort food is his or her mother’s cooking. Others would declare a weekly tradition of a street food meal he has been consumed for years as comfort food. Whatever your personal definition of comfort food is, there are a couple of factors that differentiate comfort food with other meals.

Many believe that the idea of a comfort food being common people food. They are often cheap and affordable, honest and unpretentious in nature. The ingredients used are easily available at the market. Comfort food need not be complex or ‘artsy’, and often associated with the idea of a tradition. Most importantly, comfort food makes you full and happy.

We dedicate this article to Singapore’s best Halal comfort food and this round it’s the noodles edition. A type of carbohydrate synonymous with most Asian countries, noodle-based meals can either make you happy or disappoint. But these two Halal entities have yet to disappoint us and that alone is the reason why we keep going back—they understand our need for true comfort food and deliver.

Puncak Best Noodle Halal Muslim Food

Located at level five of Far East Plaza shopping complex in Orchard Road, Puncak Best Noodle Halal Muslim Food is always buzzing and full of patrons of different races wanting a plate of their Halal Chinese hawker style cooking, especially Puncak’s popular wanton noodle variations. Yes, the ‘Best Noodle’ in their name refers to the wanton noodle prepared in house and then later cooked and served in various style of cooking of your choice. We asked a couple of Puncak regular customers and most reminisce the memory of their childhood and how Puncak foods reminds them food they used to consume growing up—particularly Chinese patrons who came to the restaurant with their Malay friends. It’s authentic Chinese cooking, that’s for sure.

For beef lovers who enjoy char siew-style cooking of tender pieces of beef, their Beef Char Siew Noodle is a must try! Every bite of the char siew beef is flavorful and tasty, and they bring the flavours together in a plate of goodness with Puncak’s homemade noodle and boiled mustard greens creating a balanced comfort food you will come back for.

If you’re looking for something different, give their Honey Dew Chicken Noodles a try. Made of sweet honey-like textured gravy, you’ll be surprised by how the gravy complements the smokiness of the grilled chicken. Definitely an acquired taste but there’s something about that blend of sweet and smoky on a noodle that says homey and hearty in ways words can’t even describe. Don’t leave Puncak until you give their classic dry wanton menu a try (Dry Fried Wanton Noodles). Add on their addictively crispy Fried Wonton as sides and you’ll get yourself a meal that will make you feel good almost immediately.