It all started with the K-pop to the Korean drama craze, now even kimchi (fermented vegetables for those who prefers a unique taste of vegetable pickles) and Korean BBQ, which is different from the Western barbeque concept, everything that is Korean in origin easily becomes a phenomenon or trend among the global community in no time.

Speaking of the Korean phenomenon, one Korean classic dessert has sparked a craze in Southeast Asia. Patbingsu or more commonly known as bingsu is an appetiser dessert based on shaved ice from Korea which is very popular during the summer. Originally a dessert that combines ‘pat‘ or red bean paste with ‘bingsu‘ (shaved ice formed as snow) with evaporated milk as a topping, bingsu has now been diversified with various toppings that cater to the many tastes of dessert fans.

Having seen the increasingly growing popularity of bingsu in Singapore, Oriental Ice Bistro owner Mohamed Mustaffa Shah Jehan saw this as an opportunity for him and his wife to open the first Halal bingsu café in Singapore. Located on Rangoon Road, Oriental Ice Bistro is ideally situated near Farrer Park MRT station, which is roughly a 5-minute walk from the MRT station.

A cozy small café with a unique and artistic interior, Oriental Ice Bistro prominently features a concept of DIY relaxation and comfort, making it suitable for hangouts with friends. Placing his best bet on Snow Dessert Bingsu as his main menu, Mustaffa took training in making bingsu in South Korea, in addition to investing in a machine that makes quality bingsu efficiently to ensure the quality of bingsu in Oriental Ice Bistro matches the best available in Singapore.

Offering 12 variations of Halal bingsu for its customers, we are proud to say that we have tried a few of their bingsu best sellers and were surprised by the quality produced being on par with bingsu that we have tried at home. For those who prefer the classic combination of cookies and cream, Creamy Cookies Pleasure Bingsu is most certainly created for you. With perfectly shaved ice formed as snow, this recipe combines crushed Oreo cheesecake, ice cream, syrup, and evaporated milk to produce an even sense of natural sweetness and crunchiness to it.

If you’re a fan of fruit flavoured bingsu, you can try Mixed Berries Tickles, a bingsu containing a pleasant sweet sour taste from various types of berries used to create its recipe. Besides classic flavoured bingsu, Oriental Ice Bistro also offers a variation of locally infused flavours to please local taste buds. Try Chendol Pak Dol Bingsu that combines classic cendol flavours and ingredient that makes a perfect bingsu. Also available is the Duri Durian Bingsu suitable for durian lovers—and trust us, it’s the best! Original durian paste and Malacca sugar toppings are used in producing the most titillating Duri Durian Bingsu we have ever savored.

In addition to bingsu, Oriental Ice Bistro also offers a variety of desserts such as a variety of milkshakes, toasts, and beverages. You must try out the Clad In Black milkshake for an explosive chocolate flavored experience that no others can beat! Imagine milkshake with ingredients like nutella, dark chocolate, and brownie in a mug decorated into a milkshake tower. It will absolutely leave you wanting for more!