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About Belinda Chee

Belinda Chee is a full-time mum and a part-time TV Host, Actress and Voice Over Talent. Having been a performer, a competitive swimmer and a TV personality, she is taking on parenting with the same gusto. An ordinary girl leading an extraordinary life, she makes the best of everything life presents to her. Her love for music and travel has now been passed on to her 4 year old daughter and they can't wait to travel the world together, singing as they go along! Follow her on her personal Instagram account and Facebook page.

There are benefits living in a multicultural-multireligious country like Malaysia. We have a lot of public holidays to coincide with the many festivities that we celebrate. There are a total of 11 long weekends for 2015 alone!

Long weekends are the best because this is the time when you can go on an extended weekend trip to places around Malaysia and beyond. My husband and I have brought Danielle on short trips like these to Langkawi, Redang, Penang and Kuching. Most of the time we flew, but sometimes we’ll drive, road trips are fun in itself too! Singapore is also a perfect destination for an extended weekend trip and for us Malaysian, we can definitely choose to fly or drive in to suit our budget and requirements! 

But, if you’re looking to save time then I’d suggest you to fly. If you book early, some of the low cost airlines can be pretty cheap – we’ve flown on Malindo before for only RM500 plus, return, for 2 adults and 1 child! Another accompanying benefit of flying into Singapore is that on the way back, you and your kids can enjoy the free facilities at Changi Airport!

Butterfly garden, playground, koi pond. Lots of different themed festivities e.g. Mickey and Minnie Christmas Castle when we were there during Christmas. Your child will not want to leave the airport! More reasons to get to the airport early!  

Singapore might be one of the most expensive cities to live in, but if you know where to go, you don’t need to spend a single cent to entertain your kids here because there are so many free facilities for you and your family to enjoy! Take their parks and gardens for example, Singapore is known as the garden city and for a country state so small, they have plenty of parks and outdoor playgrounds that are beautifully maintained and the best part is, admission to most of these parks are free! 

One such garden or outdoor playground which I‘ve brought Danielle to is the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden located whitin the 74-hectare Singapore Botanic Gardens

It’s more than just a garden, it’s a playground built around a tree house, there’s a sand pit with a mini excavator, and an area for water play, totally surrounded by greenaries and fresh air. The Botanic Gardens is also a great place for a picnic, and occassionally, they will have free concerts where the whole family can just hang out and enjoy.

Then there’s West Coast Park’s Adventure Playground, which is like the biggest free outdoor playground I’ve ever been to. Seriously, there are so many different play sets there, from several flying fox lines, to your regular slides and swings, obstacle courses, ropes and ladders, balance beam, even kid sized rock climbing walls! It’s a huge playground catered for toddlers up to teens! You can also have a picnic on park grounds and bring your frisbee or kite along for even more outdoor fun!

If you want a garden that both the young and old might enjoy, then there’s Gardens by the Bay, located near Marina Bay Sands. Although you need to pay to enter the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay, I was surprised to find that you can enjoy the rest of the garden for free! Including the Children’s Garden, the Supertree Grove, and the Sun Pavilion. There’s also the fascinating Garden Rhapsody light show available every night featuring the Super Trees all lit up, and that’s absolutely free for everyone to enjoy!

As they say, the best things in life are free! And the best thing about taking a short break with the family is that you can use this time to really bond and spend quality time with the children. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your long weekend holiday to Singapore now!


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