Whether or not you and your friends have an eye for it, there is something about good design that just speaks to everyone, although we often take it for granted. Once noticed, it is hard not to appreciate the appeal of well-constructed work, where creativity and craft seamlessly come together.

Amidst the shimmering Singapore cityscape of buildings that blend the past with the present, there is much beauty to be found all around – only if you take the time and a closer look to discover it. 

A visual treat

Come March, the Singapore Design Week 2015 is set to inspire not just by raising the public’s awareness on the importance of good design, but also deepening their understanding on the latest innovations in the industry. With a plethora of local and international exhibitions as well as workshops for you and your friends to immerse in, be sure to drop by the participating venues over the duration of the event for a spectacular visual journey that will take you anywhere from behind-the-scenes of an artist’s studio to a beautiful showcase of award-winning masterpieces.  

Museums with more

Toys and good design may not seem to connect at first, but a trip to the MINT Museum of Toys might just change your mind. With its vast array of vintage toys and collectibles from all over the world, you and your loved ones will enjoy a fascinating peek into how fun and playthings have taken various shapes and sizes over time.

Similarly, SAM at 8Q and Gillman Barracks offer a good way to be inspired with your friends. Wander through carefully curated galleries of stunning displays and take part in stimulating art-related activities that target both adults and children for an eye-opening excursion like no other.

Styling it forward

If you have a keen eye for style and do not follow the latest trends blindly, you are bound to love the treasure trove of unique souvenirs found in Singapore. Keepers and PACT are good places to start hunting, as they play host to a hotbed of talented local designers whose specialties span across the different fields – ranging from fashion to furniture and even perfumes. There are also creative showcases and workshops at the former where you will get to see artisans-in-residence in their element.

For those who believe that the devil is in the details, Assembly, Kapok and Monocle Café offer a variety of international brands that are renowned for their beautiful craftsmanship; a delicate balance of form and function. These lifestyle store-cum-cafés also serve up mean cups of coffee should you and your friends need to take a break from all the browsing and ponder your next purchase.

The art in architecture

Besides what you can find indoors, there is plenty of good design to observe on your stroll around the city. Should you and your friends be around the Marina Bay area, the Marina Barrage is a hotspot for fun in the sun that also effortlessly weaves nature and greenery with an important bit of innovation that supplies ten per cent of the nation’s water needs.

Also, keep a look out for the iconic venue that is the ArtScience Museum. As its name suggests, it is a meaningful structure that not only boasts an awe-inspiring façade, but also impressively fuses art and science to tell fascinating stories through touring exhibitions from all over the world; so do make it a point to check out what is currently showing.

Searching for a creative twist to the ordinary? Go for a walk along the Southern Ridges, where you will come across Singapore’s highest pedestrian bridge overlooking some of the city’s best parks. The Henderson Waves’ modern, undulating form makes for an unexpectedly pleasant clash-of-scenery amidst its lush natural surroundings. And with its many hidden pockets for people to take a breather in, you and your friends can sit and unwind until dusk to finally see the structure’s fascinating design at its very best – illuminated by LED lights.