Experience ‘Water’ Zone

Besides being an enchanting spot, the ‘Water’ Zone is home to the adorable virtual mascot, Bob the Otter. Keep your eyes peeled–the playful Bob may make a surprise appearance!

Take a walk in the wild, and uncover the stories and sensory treasures of nature with Rainforest Lumina. The first such experience in Southeast Asia, Rainforest Lumina is presented by the Singapore Zoo as part of its 45th anniversary celebrations. The lush, luminous world of the rainforest at night opens to guests from 1 July 2018.

Visitors can expect to be enthralled by a mesmerising, audio-visual experience that occurs within Singapore Zoo with 10 interactive zones. Merging story and setting, Rainforest Lumina will feature a distinctive narrative where visitors will meet the Creature Crew, a quirky group of unlikely heroes who will take you through a magical adventure like no other.

The Creature Crew believes that nature, humans and animals all have the power to give back to the rainforest. Their motto, “We Are One”, means that everyone has a special role to play, including you!

Come explore the enhanced multimedia addition at the ‘Water’ zone and be captivated by Bob the Otter’s playful antics while he prances around his playground. There, you will witness a symphony of lights and sounds as Bob puts his super powers on display to control the rain.

You’re invited to play, sing and discover the enchanted world of Rainforest Lumina. For wherever the Creature Crew roams, the rainforest blooms with wonder.

To learn more about this inaugural event and grab your tickets, check out www.rainforestlumina.sg