Mention the word ‘museum’ to your children and they might just stifle a yawn or express their fears of getting bored, but a visit to Singapore is bound to change their minds!

From a mind-bending trip into a 3D world of infinite possibilities to up-close encounters with the creatures that inspired a certain teenage mutant ninja franchise, you and your loved ones will never see museums in quite the same way again, while enjoying some quality time bonding over the most unique exhibits together.

Is this for real, or fantasy?

Set your kids’ imaginations free at the ALIVE Museum, a branch of South Korea’s original and biggest chain of illusionary entertainment museums, where the artwork exhibits come to life through 3D painting, shading and drawing techniques that create interesting and interactive visual illusions. Challenge them to get creative with the many fun photo opportunities available for truly one-of-a-kind souvenirs to bring back from your family getaway.

The Trick Eye Museum also makes for a laughter-filled outing, where paintings appear to pop out of the walls, floors and even ceilings! Besides ‘stepping into’ these artworks to complete stories with your creative poses for the camera, you and your family will see and experience art in a whole new light within six different themed worlds.

For a more glitzy and glamorous experience, head over to the world-renowned Madame Tussauds Museum where you and your loved ones can rub shoulders with showbiz A-listers, international music stars and even legends from the past! With 10 fully themed zones that feature realistic wax figurines bearing an incredible likeness to the real deal, this place is teeming with memorable ‘celebrity’ moments waiting to be captured on camera!

History through a different lens

A nostalgic glimpse of your childhood might not sound all that appealing to your children at first, but what if it was via a vast collection of vintage toys and memorabilia from all over the world? From Astro Boy figurines to limited edition comics that have survived the passage of time, most of the displays at the MINT Museum of Toys tell a story of the era in which they were created, making it an interesting way for you to show your kids how playthings have evolved over the years.

To see scenes from Singapore’s history being recreated in a unique way, the award-winning Images of Singapore makes for an entertaining and eye-opening trip back into the past. Through a creative mix of live actors and special effects, you and your loved ones will get to know more about the Lion City of yesteryear and how it transformed from a humble fishing village into the ultra-modern hub that it is today.

Stamp collecting may be a rare hobby among youth these days, but the Singapore Philatelic Museum is worth a wander. As one of the most important inventions of the 19th century, stamps are essentially miniature pieces of art that depict everything from the significant events of a nation to the little moments in everyday life. At this museum, you and your loved ones can not only learn more about the city through colourful interactive exhibits, but also even see the world’s very first stamp!

For art lovers and culture vultures

If you and your children are more inclined towards the arts, then drop by Singapore Art Museum for its carefully curated contemporary art exhibitions that cater to families. There are even guided activity sheets that you can download to spark their curiosity and creativity while keeping them occupied beforehand. Be sure to keep an eye out for the stimulating workshops that the museum also occasionally hosts for a delightful craft-filled afternoon.

The Asian Civilisations Museum may sound just like any other institution, but actually provides for extraordinary learning adventures for your little ones through exciting hands-on activities. With four themed zones for them to explore ancient Asian cultures and civilisations, they can go from learning traditions in an old Chinese teahouse to cooking a simple meal in an indigenous home.

From inspecting the artefacts during Genghis Khan’s reign to being on the set of a Harry Potter movie, the constantly changing line-up of international touring exhibits at the ArtScience Museum™ have taken visitors from all over the world on exciting passages through space and time. Bring your family on an enlightening journey at this beautiful architectural icon that combines art and science to tell captivating stories that will stir the imagination.