Discovering Halal Middle Eastern Food at Shiraz

While planning your once in a lifetime honeymoon with your partner, don’t forget to make reservation for a romantic meal at an elegant restaurant with scrumptious Halal menus for you to savour together. Our suggestion? Well, Authentic Persian culinary at the Shiraz Restaurant & Bar of course!

Located at Clarke Quay—a hip and happening tourist spot located at the Singapore River—Shiraz pioneered a fine dining concept based on the theme of original Persian cuisine. Complemented with the popular Middle Eastern belly dancing performances, it is sure to spice up your fine dining celebration in a romantic yet fun-filled ambience. For your information, Shiraz is not new in the restaurant industry in Singapore; particularly when it comes to serving Middle Eastern cuisine. One of its subsidiaries, Shiraz Mazzeh Gourmet Kebab, is a household name and currently operates three outlets nationwide.

Aesthetically designed with décor to augment the romantic ambiance, Shiraz is the perfect choice for you to create your fondest moments and dining experience together with your partner. Arches decorated with beautiful carvings partitioned the open kitchen area, bar, and main dining space, making the open concept restaurant something that stands up from the rest. Floral designed tiles and beautiful lanterns lit in the interior add to its romantic aura.

Your dining experience at a Middle Eastern restaurant wouldn’t be complete if you miss out on their appetisers. This is an opportunity for you to taste the uniqueness of Persian cuisine, which differs slightly from Lebanese or Iraqi cuisines. For starters, we suggest Chef, which brings together the best four dipping dishes of this restaurant to a sample size for two to enjoy which includes hummus (with chickpeas as its main ingredients), kashk-e-bademjan (contains eggplant that tastes similar to Baba ghanoush), kufteh-ye anar-o pasteh (minced mutton), and borani esfanaj (a mixture of spinach and yogurt), served and dipped with thin crust Arab bread. When it comes to the entrée, we recommend their house signature that is the charcoal grilled kebab, which comes in 16 variations at your whim and fancy. Choose a kebab menu that contains your favourite protein, but if you cannot make up your mind, try the selection of kebab, which is of beef and mutton instead of seafood. Why so? Middle Eastern cuisines have for so many years known for their great meat-based menu that is well marinated, perfect for meat lovers looking for something hearty to indulge in.

Alternatively, you can choose Shiraz Twin Platter—a combo meal for two persons concocted of various type of proteins such as mignon fillet, boneless chicken meat, minced mutton, or a choice between fish fillet, prawns, or quail grilled with charcoal for tenderness and lasting juiciness. Every house specialty kebab at Shiraz also comes with Basmati rice cooked with butter and saffron for extra flavour, grilled with tomato and chili, and topped with fresh vegetable.

Delicious entrée meat ought to be served with the right kind of beverage too. At Shiraz, you have options such as fresh juice or fruit punch which are both immensely refreshing! Don’t forget to conclude your romantic dinner with a tasty dessert like baklava or crème brûlée as a grand finale.

Whether you are a regular Middle Eastern cuisine lover or not, a meal at Shiraz is bound to offer you a one of a kind dining experience that differs from others. With a combination of taste, textures, and vibrancy of colours presented in every dish, Shiraz not only creates a novel culinary experience for you and your loved ones, but also develops the feeling of everlasting love.