A Guide to Sushi Wonderland in Singapore

Launched in 2007, Hei Sushi describes itself as a funky, fusion-based eatery that caters mainly to families, offering a wide selection of tempting bites for you to sink your teeth into. Also known as the very first Halal sushi conveyor belt restaurant in Singapore, this restaurant chain boasts five outlets and two kiosks throughout Singapore, making it easy for you to decide where to go when you’re in the mood for Japanese.

One of the dishes they pride themselves on is their ramen. As Halal ramen can be pretty difficult to find in Singapore, Hei Sushi has taken the task upon themselves to ensure that everyone gets a little ramen love. Not sure what to get? Order their Kaisen Ramen! This tasty bowl of ramen features assorted seafood such as a huge prawn and juicy scallop, among other things, and is served with spicy kimchi soup base.

You can’t go to Japanese places and not have sushi or sashimi! Hei Sushi has a variety of sashimi choices that is air flown in daily to ensure freshness. If you don’t want to settle for just one type of sashimi, order one of their bowls that come with a selection of maguro (blue-fin tuna), hokkigai (saltwater clam), salmon belly and amaebi (sweet shrimp), so you get to taste a little bit of everything.

Another one of the stars on their menu is their Cheesy Beef Neta—deep-fried sushi rolls with beef and cheese. The chef got inspiration for this interesting fusion dish from a cheese burger. Yes, you read that right, a cheese burger! Featuring fried maki on the bottom, a layer of cheese and mouthwatering bits of wagyu beef in sweet soy sauce, the contrasting flavours in this dish work well to get you addicted and wishing for more.

Photo by Hanna’s Fusion & Japanese.

Over in Rochor Canal is a lovely restaurant known as Hanna’s Fusion & Japanese. Formerly Megumi Shokudo, this establishment serves classic favourites like bento and sushi (of course), but they are also home to more contemporary dishes—like chicken teriyaki burger! This restaurant takes pride in their casual East-meets-West dining experience, taking pains to use quality, imported ingredients while still offering their dishes at affordable prices.

Photo by Hanna’s Fusion & Japanese

Burger and fries? Not your typical Japanese fare, and yet, you’ll find them here! It may seem a little jarring at first, to find something so Western in a Japanese restaurant, but one bite of the juicy, tender chicken will be enough to put your confusion at ease. Sandwiched between two lightly toasted buns, the salty, sweet, and tangy teriyaki sauce turns the piping hot patty extra flavourful for you to enjoy it to the fullest!

Photo by Hanna’s Fusion & Japanese

If you so happen to be in the mood for pasta, give their miso pasta a try. Wait, miso is more than just a soup base? Yes, of course! If you’ve never tried miso pasta, now is a good time to start. The fragrant flavour of the miso paste permeates deep into the pasta, giving it (and your taste buds) an extra kick. The miso manages to turn a simple pasta dish into something richer and creamier than you’d expect.

Maybe you love the idea of fusion food, but find the previous offerings a little too Western for your liking? Don’t worry, they still have more traditional dishes for you to pick from, like their tempura udon! The thick, wheat noodles, soaked in a savoury hot broth are chewy and contrast nicely with the crispy tempura shrimp.

Photo by Santaro by Gion

If you find yourself in Tanjong Pagar Road, looking for a place to indulge, Santaro by Gion in Amara Hotel is where you can get your fill of Japanese fine dining. Helmed by renowned award-winning chef Santaro Li, they feature tantalising à la carte dishes and value-for-money daily sets!

What makes them special is that they are the first Halal Japanese fine dining restaurant in the Lion City that serves an omakase à la carte buffet. Loosely translated as “leave it to you”, this experience allows diners to pick an omakase menu and leave it to the chef to surprise them with a wide selection of Halal Japanese dishes.

Photo by Santaro by Gion

So, what’s your cup of tea? If you love seafood, the seafood omakase à la carte buffet includes prawn, codfish, unagi, scallop, soft shell crab (either in tempura or sushi form), and a sashimi plate.

Alternatively, you can add on a little more to enjoy some red meat with your meal and opt for the beef omakase à la carte menu. Essentially, what you’ll get is everything from the seafood menu, but with a side of beef. Now, that’s a bargain!

And if you’re looking to go all out and treat yourself, order the lobster omakase and have a lobster weighing at least 500g, added to your tray.

Coming in a big group, or planning to celebrate a special occasion? While their main dining area can comfortably seat up to 30 guests, you can also reserve their tatami rooms or their expandable private dining rooms for a more exclusive experience.