As the situation evolves worldwide, we want you to be present in the moment, remain calm and stay safe wherever you are. The beautiful places to explore and the fun things to do will have to wait–for the time being.

In our city of gardens, nature reserves and urban retreats, time stands still where a sense of permanence and serenity is evident. The leaves rustle, the birds chirp, and the gentle waves of our reservoirs and lakes remind one to appreciate and be mindful of the times we live in.

Like beacons and guiding posts, these iconic places are also gentle reminders that they will always be here, silent and still in the day and night patiently waiting for the tough times to be over–and they will.

This is Singapore–waiting for your next visit.

A top view of Sungei Buloh from a drone.

View of Pierce Reservoir at sunset.

Learning Forest at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Top view of MacRitchie Reservoir from a drone.

Pond at Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Find peace within

Take a stroll along the peaceful Swan Lake at the Botanic Gardens, Singapore’s first UNESCO Heritage Site. Or hike at MacRitchie Reservoir, a favourite spot for runners and water enthusiasts. Find your inner peace as you walk along the wetlands of Sungei Buloh, a world-class eco-tourism experience. You will discover migratory birds, wildlife in their natural habitats and perhaps your own inner voice.

Couple at a resort overlooking lush foliage

Amara Sanctuary Resort

Stay in comfort zone

Be transported into another world away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Pamper yourself in our world-class resorts, which include Amara Sanctuary Resort, Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa and Capella Singapore. Nestled in sanctuaries amidst lush foliage, you’re inclined to tune out and escape into your own fantasies.

Fishermen waiting for their catch.

Sunset view at a coastal boardwalk

Surreal image of purple-hued skies at Labrador jetty

Walking on water

Take your mind off any concerns or worries and go on a walk on our coastal boardwalks. Here, you’ll find the occasional angler or jogger sharing the quiet respite with you. It’s as if time has stood still here with the sound of the waves crashing against the jetty as your background soundtrack.

Young couple on top of hill in Pulau Ubin

Super Trees at Gardens by the Bay

A visitor relaxing on a canoe in the sea.

Right here waiting

Whether it’s hiking up a hill in Pulau Ubin, or walking among super trees in Gardens by the Bay, you’ll realise that Singapore is the perfect destination for you to unwind, let go of your worries, and delight in the moments that life has to offer.

Just remember that Singapore is here waiting for your next visit. Meanwhile, take good care of one another, keep calm and stay safe wherever you are.