1 Haji Lane

Haji Lane – Singapore's narrowest street was one place we all enjoyed for different reasons. This street is lined with quaint cafes, yummy restaurants and some seriously great stores. You can pick up a stylish new outfit or cool pieces for your home. If you’re after a gift for someone who you know isn’t a fan of the souvenir fridge magnet (boooooring), this is one of the places to go. 



Kampong Glam is an amazing little culture pocket in the Arab quarter with the Sultan Mosque standing tall and strong behind the hustle and bustle of Singapore. From the architecture to the exotic foods and fragrances, this place really is a delight to the senses. Eve especially loved creating her own fragrance from an authentic perfumery.


3 Little India

If you love colour then Little India is one neighbourhood you need to visit. The stores overflow with colourful fabrics and beautiful fragrant leis are being made at the speed of light in the street stalls. Eve particularly loved getting a henna tattoo to show her friends. As a lover of art she was absolutely mesmerised as she watched the intricate pattern appear like magic.


4 Satay Street

If you’re hungry and you are wanting something that is authentic, tastes amazing and is cheap, then look no further than Satay Street. The street is blocked off at night and comes alive with the smell of the smokey satay grills. All three of us love street food so this was right up our alley. There is a huge selection of traditional food to choose from and taste. Whether you love your red meat, white meat, seafood or just feel like a vegie dish, this is one place you need to visit. P.S. Be prepared to smell like a grill afterwards! Haha.


5 Open Farm Community

We recommend you drop by Open Farm Community if you are after a bite that is bursting with flavour and freshness. They have a gorgeous vegie patch and herb garden, so that you can see where the yummy fresh ingredients in your meals and cocktails come from. This is a really garden to plate experience. Such a relaxed atmosphere with a playground at the front for the kids.

Ohhh and the dessert… YUM! Sam made the mistake of waiting for his food to settle before he tucked into dessert… silly man! When it comes to dessert, when Eve and I are involved, you snooze you lose buster! Hehe.


6 Singapore Zoo

The jungle breakfast at Singapore Zoo is a must, great for both young and old. Seeing the beautiful orangutans interacting with each other while they too enjoy their breakfast is such an unforgettable experience. 



7 Gardens by the Bay

Truly breathtaking! Yes it’s man-made but I think this is what makes it so unique. Walking through Gardens By The Bay was incredibly enchanting. I felt like a child wishing I was a fairy that lived amongst the flowers and trees.

The Garden Rhapsody Light and Sound show is something you must see. The Avatar-like supertrees are beautiful and we highly recommend you take the walk amongst the treetops as that was definitely a highlight for all of us. We were lucky enough to do this walk at dusk and witness the gardens change from day to night. The view is indescribable and a photographer's dream.


8 Universal Studios Singapore

You can spend the entire day at Universal Studios Singapore and be entertained the whole time. The kids will love this and so will you. After a day of running around and going on rides, the kids will get back to the hotel and fall asleep in a second like little angels. Mummy time!



9 Chinatown

Beautifully decorated street fronts are adorned with lanterns hanging across the street from building to building and the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple was a standout. Chinatown is a great place to pick up some souvenirs and people watch. There is no better place to be brave and taste durian fruit known for its pungent smell. Personally, we hated it but you gotta try these.


10 W Singapore - Sentosa Cove

What can I say, the W hotel was very luxurious and “rockstar” if you ask Eve. The facilities are impressive with a beautiful Spa for pampering, a large pool with fun pool cushions which Eve wouldn’t get off (or share) and a gym, which we naturally made use of - Sam more than me of course! haha There are also bars and restaurants with a resident DJ in the hotel lobby. This hotel has adjoining family-friendly rooms, which are great. Especially if you’re like me and the mere thought of having your child in a separate hotel room is enough to give you a heart attack. The rooms are very impressive and I can’t wait to stay there again.