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Melbourne-born Havana has had much exposure to the international club circuit, drawing inspiration from all kinds of life experiences, which is reflected in her music.

Starting off in the world of turntablism, DJ KoFlow has used his passion for music to take his performances beyond the DJ decks, collaborating with a number of international artists and being pivotal in a number of music and cultural movements in Singapore.

Together, they explored Singapore’s nightlife while sharing the inspirations that drive them in their musical pursuits.

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Havana and DJ KoFlow explored Singapore’s nightlife and were inspired by the energy of both renowned nightlife spots, along with local insider haunts. A visit to NATIVE (#13 in the world) also opened their eyes to the level of passion Singapore has for being the ‘Cocktail Capital of Asia’.

DJs at Club Street

On the streets

The buzzing streets of Chinatown show the passion Singapore has for music and nightlife. DJ KoFlow took Havana to Ann Siang Hill, where on Friday and Saturday nights, the street is closed to traffic and crowds spill onto the street to socialise with friends and soak up the atmosphere.

Havana at NATIVE

Drinks inspired by the region

A stop at NATIVE bar (ranked #13 in the world), is a must do, with Havana learning about the local and regional ingredients used by owner and head mixologist, Vijay Mudaliar, in his innovative cocktails that draw influence from Singapore’s heritage and nature.

DJs at White Label Records

Record store by day, bar by night

Located at Ann Siang Hill, KoFlow and Havana hung out at the recently opened White Label Records, which is a vinyl store by day and a bar with live DJs sets at night. The venue is new on the scene and showed Havana a chilled, laid-back side to Singapore’s nightlife.


Sky high views

Located a cool 57-storeys up, KoFlow showed Havana some warm Singapore hospitality with dinner at LAVO. With a spectacular view of the city’s twinkling lights, the restaurant and club are perfect for friends coming together to share a great night out.

DJs at Zouk

Dance the night away

As a city that doesn’t sleep, Singapore has a thriving club culture, so KoFlow and Havana hit Zouk – one of Singapore’s most renowned clubs - to dance the night away, spurred by international DJs who push the boundaries of traditional dance music

Interior of Crossroads Bar

Cocktails with a local twist

Sip on these unique, Singapore-inspired tipples at some of the hippest bars in town.


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