Family looking at penguins at Jurong Bird Park

For an up-close encounter with some of our prettiest and rarest feathered friends, step into Jurong Bird Park.

Spread across 20.2 hectares in a western corner of Singapore, this sprawling park is Asia’s largest, with a collection of over 5,000 birds from 400 species.

You’ll meet the many feathered residents during daily feeding sessions, even glimpsing elusive birds like the crested guinea fowl, iridescent starling and turaco.

Colourful attractions
Closeup shot of a Caribbean Toucan Bird and a boy at Jurong Bird Park

Don’t miss the Waterfall Aviary, one of the world’s largest walk-in aviaries, home to more than 600 birds and a 30-metre-high waterfall.

There are other star attractions at this sprawling park, including the world’s largest walk-in lory flight aviary at over nine stories high, where you’ll get close to 15 colourful lory species, and the impressive Penguin Coast where you’ll find many species of these flightless birds.

There is also Flamingo Lake with hundreds of these strutting birds, and nearby Pelican Cove, with the world’s most complete collection of pelicans.

Winged wonders

Be entertained by majestic creatures of flight. Witness the heat of the hunt as mighty eagles, falcons and hawks show off their moves during the Kings of the Skies Show, or be part of the flock at the High Flyers Show.

Families hoping to instill a love of nature in their little ones should encourage their children to make some feathered friends at Lunch With Parrots. Alternatively, drop by Birdz of Play, the bird-themed water playground, for a soaking good time under the giant tipping bucket, zipping across the Flying Fox and even arcade games.