Discover new realms of imagination, with the boundless arts and culture that await you at the Singapore International Festival of Arts.

A Dream Under The Southern Bough tells the story of Chun Yu Fen’s eventful dream that spanned over 20 years.

Photo by Toy Factory Productions Ltd

Inspiration takes front and centre stage at the Singapore International Festival of the Arts (SIFA), one of our island’s most iconic celebrations of arts and culture.

Back for its 44th year, the grand old dame of our national arts events returns in May with over 300 performances and 60 shows, with a range of live, hybrid and virtual programmes.

2021’s edition of the festival will feature hundreds of artists collaborations, hailing from Singapore and beyond, including countries like Switzerland, Lebanon and the United States of America.

From scintillating live performances to dynamic collaborations that transcend physical space, this year’s festival is bound to expand the limits of your imagination. Here’s a small sample of what’s in store at SIFA 2021.

All the world’s a stage
Three Sisters is reimagined as a memory-scape of Irina, one of the titular three sisters.

Photo by Arts House Limited

Talented thespians from across the globe take to the stage in an array of captivating live performances and digital programmes that tap on the power of technology.

The New York-based SITI Company and Singaporean theatre troupe Nine Years Theatre will give new life to Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters, with actors from the former appearing digitally while the latter perform onstage.

In a similar vein, The Invisible Opera—a theatrical ode to the sounds and rhythms of urban life—will feature Australian performer Sophia Brous beaming her live performance in Melbourne to audiences here in Singapore.

Festival-goers looking to discover the world of Singaporean theatre (and its talented thespians and playwrights) can sign up for The Commission—a meta-driven satire by beloved local companies Pangdemonium, Wild Rice and Singapore Repertory Theatre—and The Year of No Return by the Necessary Stage, an intriguing exploration of climate change.

Muses and music
The Rhythm of Us marks the first collaboration between the Singapore Dance Theatre and Singapore Symphony Orchestra.

Photo by Bernie Ng

The world of music can inspire emotions that go beyond language and the intellect, and the performances at SIFA 2021 showcase the pinnacle of these art forms.

The Rhythm of US—a collaboration between the Singapore Dance Theatre,  Singapore Symphony Orchestra and American dancer-choreographer Pam Tanowitz—will tap on remote working technology to create a performance that transcends time and space.

With Ghosts of Yesteryear, homegrown quintet Morse Percussion takes audience members on a journey of reflection and realisation, while A Song For Lewis features luminaries of Singapore’s jazz scene, as they celebrate the life of legendary local drummer Louis Soliano.

Other mesmerising performances include Echoes of Fire and Water—a concert that centres on the theme of nature by Ensemble Æquilibrium—and The Consoler by the Take Five Piano Quintet, which features works of music by Dimitri Shostakovich and Charles Koechlin.

Beyond the screen
The Mole Agent features Sergio, an 83-year-old man, hired by a private investigator to work on a case in a retirement home.

Photo by Arts House Limited

A great film does more than entertain—it lives beyond the screen in our imaginations.

Singular Screens 2021 by the Asian Film Archives showcases a collection of masterpieces from across the globe, with a curated selection that will evoke and inspire in equal measure.

Screenings will take place at Oldham Theatre, with selected films available via Video on Demand. This year’s line-up includes Light of a Burning Moth—which tells the story of a silent dancer facing the trauma of her mother’s disappearance—and Gunda, a meditative, black and white film that centres on the mystery of animal consciousness.

Art and ingenuity

Besides its trove of performances, SIFA 2021 will also feature a range of scintillating talks and workshops that are bound to fuel your imagination and help your creativity take flight.

Learn more about the power of connection with Impossible Conversation on Care with Building Conversation, engage in a therapeutic sound bath with local company Singing Bowls or gain deeper insights into the limits and potential of your body with Tactility Studies: Hold to Reset Series.

SIFA 2021 takes place at multiple venues around Singapore, as well as in a variety of digital programmes. Visit SIFA 2021’s website to find out more information, or book your tickets here.

To discover the festival’s inspiring programme from abroad or the comfort of your home, be sure to check out SIFA on Demand

This enchanting video-on demand experience takes place from 5 – 12 June, with a captivating selection of performances from the festival, including Three Sisters, The Year of No Return and The Ghost of Yotsuya.