Afterwit SG

If you’re looking for some exciting Mexican flavour, Afterwit SG is a pretty safe bet. With Halal Mexican restaurants being a rare find in this bustling metropolis, this eatery located along North Bridge Road delivers satisfaction with its variety of classic Mexican offerings.

When you pay a visit to this taqueria, bear in mind that their burritos are the star attraction. Packing a punch with guacamole, Mexican-style rice, mozzarella, fresh pico de gallo, whole black beans, along with a combination of spices and sauces, their burritos will whet your taste buds and have you salivating for more.

So, go ahead and treat yourself to a platter of the Pato Jarabe de Arce Burrito! Filled with generous slices of maple-glazed duck, the moist and juicy meat pairs perfectly with the melted cheese and other condiments. An extremely flavourful dish, that is also really filling, your tummy will thank you later for ordering this dish. If duck isn’t really your thing—don’t worry! They also have a choice of beef, salmon, and mushroom burritos available.

Fancy something a little extra? Put in an order for their tortilla pizza as well! If you’ve showed up in a group, their pizza makes for a pretty great sharing dish. Freshly baked with whole black beans, tomato herb sauce, cheddar, mozzarella, jalapeños, olives, and onions, you’ve got mouthful after mouthful of delicious bites waiting for you here.

No meal is complete without dessert (no matter what your trainer tells you, everyday is a cheat day!). Ask for a serving of their Tacos de Cereza Negra and delight your taste palate with this sinfully sweet treat. Featuring 6-inch dessert tacos with a nutella spread and black cherry filling topped with crushed Oreos and mini marshmallows. Doesn’t that just sound simply delightful?


For a taste of ethnic Indonesia, pay a visit to Kintamani, over in Furama RiverFront Hotel. With their head chef hailing from the Indonesia itself, quality and authenticity are guaranteed in their servings.

Start your meal with their Sate Lilit Bali. Thanks to the generous amounts of lemongrass, chillis, and lime leaves, among other things, Balinese food usually has pretty strong flavours and aroma. And this satay dish is no different. Served fresh off the grill, the chewy meat is easily pulled off the wide, flat skewers, making every bite much easier.

Once you’re done with your appetiser, go for a serving of their Kambing Panggang! Indulge in their beautifully done grilled lamb and enjoy the explosion of flavours that dance across your tongue as you partake in this dish. The distinctive sweetness of the lamb is enhanced by the careful grilling, resulting in the tender meat calling you back for seconds.

When it comes to Indonesian food, it’s a good idea to bring a larger group to fully enjoy sharing platters, such as Nasi Tumpeng. At Kintamani, the Nasi Tumpeng features a turmeric “Rice Mountain”, accompanied by 8 delectable dishes such as beef rendang, ayam penget, paru goreng (fried beef lungs), anchovy, and peanut sambal, cumi-cumi goreng (fried baby squid) and other selections from the chef’s menu of the day. Good for two to three people, this dish also comes with complimentary dessert buffet, giving you the complete meal package!

Be sure not to miss out on their Sup Buntut (Oxtail Soup) as well. While it looks like any other soup, the chef has managed to perfect a recipe that turns this clear soup into a truly aromatic and flavoursome dish. The generous portions of tender oxtail pieces are a bonus, giving you something extra to chew on as you savour the sweet soup.