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Where Heritage Meets

Adam and Malcolm share a very similar philosophy when it comes to food.

Malcolm is heavily influenced by his Peranakan heritage in the food he cooks, earning his restaurant a prestigious place in the Michelin guide. Adam is influenced by his Hainanese heritage but brings a modern twist to his cooking, complementing Malcolm’s passion for flavour innovation.

Adam and Malcolm have been mutual fans of each other for some time and have come together to collaborate over their shared love for flavours and keeping their heritage alive.  


Follow their

Adam and Malcolm went from roadside stalls to heritage tea rooms, tasting new flavours to inspire their dish. They developed a dish rooted in their heritage with a surprising twist, taking the traditional and familiar flavours and making it modern.

Exploring the City in a Garden

Singapore is a food mecca but it’s also home to many iconic sites. Malcolm took Adam to Gardens by the Bay, where there is a strong ethos of innovation and of taking something traditional into the modern-world. This guided their approach to their collaborative dish.

Peranakan inspiration

Adam experienced Peranakan history and traditions in Katong, where they browsed the colourful shophouses on Koon Seng Road and visited Kim Choo for traditional Peranakan sweets and savoury treats, providing the basis for the Peranakan influence on their dish.

Chinatown Wet Markets

Malcolm and Adam visited Chinatown Wet Markets, the source for many locals to pick up their daily produce. Both were inspired by the delicious smells, local produce and fresh seafood. They picked up fresh crab which became a key ingredient in the dish they created together – Hainanese-Peranakan Chicken Rice.

Michelin Stars

A stop at Chef Chan’s famous Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle hawker stall was a must. To see a traditional hawker gaining international recognition for his take on a classic dish inspired them to create their own version with Peranakan and Hainanese influences.

A night in Geylang

A bustling district by night, Malcolm was keen to show Adam one of his favourite dishes – frog porridge. They both loved the intensity of the flavours, which went on to inspire a bold condiment for their collaborative twist on traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Hainanese-Peranakan Chicken Rice

Adam and Malcolm created a spin on the classic Chicken Rice – Hainanese-Peranakan chicken rice. The dish took aspects of Hainanese cuisine from Adam’s side and Peranakan cuisine from Malcolm’s side, combining them for a uniquely Singaporean experience, infusing elements from the Chilli Crab. Download Recipe

Sharing the dish with friends 6,300km away

In February, foodies from Australia and Singapore shared a virtual dinner. Cameras and screens bridged the distance between the two countries in real-time, and diners delighted in the new flavours fused into the classic chicken rice dish they were all familiar with, tasting elements of Adam and Malcolm’s heritage with each bite.

Meet Malcolm Lee

One of few Singaporean chefs to have won a Michelin Star, Malcolm constantly looks to preserve and innovate the Peranakan flavours of his youth.


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