More than just an ultra-modern metropolis, Singapore is a jewel with many facets. To some travellers, it’s a paradise of flavours, both old and new. To others, it represents the potential for new adventures, with its charming heritage districts, tropical beaches, verdant islands and parks teeming with wildlife.

While veteran travellers may have visited a multitude of different countries, a trip to Singapore is bound to bring new perspectives, which you’ll be able to explore at your leisure. Here’s a small sample of what our city has to offer.

Mother Nature lives in our city
Image of Swan Lake at Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Think of the word ‘city’, and chances are you’ll imagine high-rise buildings, buzzing streets and endless shopping malls. While Singapore certainly has its fair share of these, you’ll be surprised at how much nature you’ll find in our city in a garden.

Trees line the Lion City’s streets, and parks with lush greenery abound. Our city is also home to green spaces that will enchant your inner nature lover.

Discover the surreal beauty of Gardens by The Bay, or take a leisurely stroll through Singapore Botanic Gardens, and uncover a realm of gorgeous flora and wildlife.

New horizons are just a boat ride away
Shot of people hiking in Chek Jawa Wetlands at Pulau Ubin

If you’re the seafaring sort, you can embark on a nautical adventure to our outlying islands, or set sail on one of the many cruise ships that make Singapore their port of call. Delve into the legend of Kusu island, explore the mangroves of Pulau Ubin, or take a walk across the causeway from Lazarus Island to St John’s Island, and explore some of Singapore’s lesser-known beaches.

We’re home to a feast of world-class flavours
Image of a dish at Odette restaurant.

Foodies are certain to feel at home amongst Singaporeans, who consider eating to be a national pastime. Our food-obsessed nation is home to dozens of Michelin-starred restaurants, world-class bartenders and innovative chefs who bring a new spin to our culinary heritage.

Delight your taste buds with the cocktails from NATIVE—made from regionally-sourced alcohol and local forage—or dine on works of culinary art at Odette. Regardless of your taste, you’re bound to find a feast in Singapore.

Your taste buds will be tantalised by our hawker fare
Image of a variety of hawker food.

Our hawker fare encompasses a range of ethnic traditions, from the rich flavours of Malay cuisine to the spices of Indian food and the subtleties of Chinese cooking.

Tekka Centre, Chinatown Food Complex and Geylang Serai Market are just some of the hawker centres that house our many seasoned hawkers and the traditional dishes they whip up. Local delights like roti prata (South Indian flatbread), rojak (a sweet and savoury salad of vegetables, fruits and dough fritters) and chicken rice are just some of the delicious fare that awaits you.

We’re a paradise for discerning shoppers
Image of malls along Orchard Road.

Singapore’s history as a bustling trading port finds its modern-day expression in the many sophisticated wares you’ll find while shopping here. Orchard Road—our city’s most popular shopping belt—boasts a range of swanky malls offering a trove of luxury wares and international brands.

Other places where you can spend an entire day shopping include Jewel Changi—Home to a dazzling array of retail options—and Design Orchard, which boasts a wealth of wares proudly made in Singapore.

You’ll find treasures that you can tweak to your tastes
Image of iconic Singaporean objects as souvenirs.

Besides its trove of luxury retail options, our city is home to entrepreneurial wares that you can customise to truly call your own.

The perfumes at Sifr Aromatics, journals from Bynd Artisan and homeware from Supermama are just some local labours of love that you can put your own spin on.

To add a dash of bespoke tradition to your wardrobe, make a beeline for Golden Scissor Cheongsam in Chinatown or Rumah Bebe in Joo Chiat/Katong. The veteran proprietors at these establishments will be happy to tailor a cheongsam (body-hugging dress of Chinese-Manchurian origins) or kebaya (traditional dress) to your preference.

You’ll discover heartfelt tales in our heritage districts
Image of Kampong Gelam with Sultan Mosque in the background.

If you have a love for learning and a thirst for authentic stories, Singapore is bound to inspire. The golden-domed mosque of Kampong Gelam and the lantern-festooned streets of Chinatown are enchanting sights, but these neighbourhoods are also home to thriving subcultures and ancient traditions.

Whether you’re looking to delve into the traditions of Chinese Teochew opera or be regaled by tales of sultans and the spice trade, you’re bound to find an experienced storyteller to bring you on new adventures in these districts.

Visitors can embark on a tour of Kampong Gelam’s bustling streets and authentic artisans from the sidecar of a vintage Vespa, or learn about the intricacies of Chinese cuisine with the tour guides from Betel Box. These tours can be completed in two to three hours, making them perfect for a quick foray into our local culture.

You’ll be inspired by our arts and culture
Image of visitors at the courtyard of National Gallery.

While Singapore certainly has its share of world-class museums and galleries—such as National Gallery Singapore and the National Museum of Singapore—it’s also a city where music, art and inspiration can be found on every street corner.

Whether you’re looking to admire the Asian Civilisations Museum’s relics, discover dynamic artists who use street walls as their canvas or watch a Shakespearean comedy under the stars, Singapore is bound to inspire your sensibilities.

You'll travel with ease of mind
Image of moving bus and MRT train.

Forget about tedious bus rides and countless hours stuck in customs. The moment you touch down in our world-class airport, travelling to, from and around Singapore will prove to be a breeze. 

Our public transport—which include the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train system and network of buses—have been designed to be wheelchair friendly, with elevators at the vast majority of our bus and train stations.

Singapore is also one of the safest cities in the world, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Safe City Index.  Whether you’re looking to experience the charms of Chinatown or the world class art at the National Gallery Singapore, you’ll be able to enjoy all the thrills of a modern metropolis without having to fret or worry.

As you travel around our city, you may come across the SG Clean quality mark at many of our malls, hawker centres and hotels, indicating stellar levels of hygiene and cleanliness. 

The initiative is just one aspect of the SG Clean Campaign, which aims to safeguard public health, raise levels of cleanliness and ensure that you’ll be able to explore our island with complete peace of mind.