More than just a haven for shoppers, Singapore is home to a whole range of charming products, souvenirs and keepsakes lovingly crafted by our passionate artisans.

Discerning shoppers paying a visit to our city will find a whole trove of local products and designs made in Singapore. Whether you’re a foodie looking to bring home a taste of tradition or hunting for a quirky keepsake, you’re bound to find a gem to call your own.

For charming local souvenirs
When I was Four

If you are looking for a quirky keepsake to commemorate your visit to the Lion City, consider perusing the gifts and knick-knacks on display at When I Was Four.

The items here are lovingly created by local designers, to portray various facets of Singaporean life, and pay homage to hallmarks of local culture like hawker food and Singlish colloquialisms.

Tote bags emblazoned with local lingo, aprons that pay homage to local breakfast items like kopi (black coffee) and coin pouches that playfully resemble local textbooks are just some of the gems you’ll find here.

When I was Four. 261 Waterloo Street #02-18, Singapore 180261.
Mon-Fri noon-7.30pm; Sat 12.30-6.30pm.

Hawker cushion covers by When I Was Four.
Tote bag by When I Was Four.

Pew Pew Patches

Fashionistas looking for a way to channel their DIY aesthetics can peruse the colourfully-embroidered designs on display at Pew Pew Patches.

Old-school aesthetics meet personalisation at this charming establishment, with a whole range of embroidered, iron-on and sticker patches that channel retro vibes and local culture.

The designs here run the gamut from self-deprecating to surreal, including our Merlion on skateboards, adorable cartoon avocados and even 60s’ stock tattoo motifs.

Pew Pew Patches at Jewel Changi Airport. 78 Airport Boulevard #02-205/206, Singapore 819666.
Daily 10am-10pm.

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Flat lay of patches by Pew Pew Patches.
Team of Pew Pew Patches at its booth.

The Paper Bunny

Homegrown lifestyle brand The Paper Bunny offers stationery, bags and T-shirts for everyday use. Their range includes clean modern designs with positive and uplifting messages such as ‘Sun-kissed Sunday’ and ‘Living my best life’.

Its newly launched sustainability collection is both fashion-forward and long lasting, offering collapsible cups, reusable silicone bowls, and re-sealable sandwich bags for the eco-conscious traveller.

The Paper Bunny at Paper Market Raffles City. 52 North Bridge Road #B1-27, Singapore 179103.
Daily 11am-10pm.

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The Paper Bunny’s notebook and accessories.
Flat lay shot of The Paper Bunny’s Journey pouch.

For gift-giving gourmands
Boxes of cookies from Old Seng Choong
Old Seng Choong

Bring home a taste of Singapore for your loved ones at Old Seng Choong. A tribute to chef-founder Daniel Tay’s father and his family’s tradition of baking, the confectionery offers up a variety of homemade cookies and cakes, inspired by the flavours of local cuisine. The pastry chain was named after the family’s confectionery—founded in 1965—and its flagship store in Clarke Quay exudes a nostalgic vibe, with its traditional décor.

We recommend perusing the shop’s selection of cookies in particular—and especially the surprisingly savoury flavours like bak kut teh (peppery pork soup), laksa (spicy coconut-milk based noodle soup) and satay (grilled skewered meat). They’ll make great gifts that show off your unconventional side and love for diverse cultures.

Old Seng Choong. 6 Eu Tong Sen Street #01-48, Singapore 059817. +65 6282 0220.
Daily 10am-10pm.

Flatlay shot of chocolate bars from Fossa Chocolate
Fossa Chocolate

Founded by a trio of chocolate lovers, Fossa Chocolate makes chocolates and confections that are handcrafted at their workshop in Singapore.

Instead of using semi-finished products like pre-grounded cacao liquor and cocoa butter, Fossa chooses to make their chocolate from scratch, bringing out the rich flavours of this decadent treat. Made with top quality craftsmanship, sleek packaging and pure dedication, these chocolates are the perfect gift for making a classy impression.

Fossa Chocolate at Jones the Grocer. 9 Dempsey Road, Singapore 247697. +65 64761518.
Daily 8am-11pm.

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Jewels Rock Sugar

If you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy snack, check out the sweet treats at Jewels Rock Sugar.

They may look like contemporary treats, but these rainbow-coloured sticks date all the way back to 1947. Made by Chew Yang Heng Candy Factory, one of the oldest sugar manufacturers in Singapore, the rock sugar sticks are naturally crystallised.

You can indulge in these rock sugar sticks by eating them on their own, pairing them up with coffee, or even dunking them in sparkling water. Flavours include French Vanilla, Jujube and Singapore Sling (our island’s most iconic cocktail).

Jewels Rock Sugar at ION Orchard. 2 Orchard Turn #B2-07, Singapore 238801. +65 6509 8745.
Daily 10am-10pm.

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From bookshelf to living room
Array of products in the Supermama Flagship Store
Supermama Flagship Store

Named as a tribute to his wife and the mother of his two children, Supermama is the brainchild of local designer Edwin Low. This crafts store draws on local culture as inspiration where its blue-and-white plates are engraved with Singaporean symbols like the Merlion and the Tembusu tree.

The store is also famous for collaborating with craft facilities in Japan, merging the rigour of Japanese artisanship with Singaporean-inspired designs to create a range of beautiful collectors’ items.

Supermama Flagship Store. 265 Beach Road, Singapore 199544. +65 6291 1946.
Daily 11am-8pm.


BooksActually specialises in fiction and local literature, with many titles in the former category published by the store’s imprint publisher, Math Paper Press.

Besides being a haven for local writers, this bookstore stocks a range of journals, book clutches and tote bags, which make perfect gifts for your literary-minded friends and loved ones.

BooksActually is now operating online.

Fabric pieces by Onlewo

Add a hint of Singaporean-inspired design to your living room at Onlewo, a name that translates to ‘a peaceful, happy nest’.

Founder and store director Mark Tay pays homage to the city’s architectural landscape with stunningly rendered visuals that blend contemporary pop art and age-old tradition.

The establishment offers a range of fabrics, gifts and fashion accessories; many of which are inscribed with Singaporean stories and symbols.

Onlewo. 129 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208847. +65 9112 4685.
Tue-Sat 11am-6pm.