Singapore is more than just a metropolis of golden lights, gleaming landmarks, and soaring skyscrapers.

It is a tapestry of tales waiting to be uncovered, as you walk the streets beneath the shadow of skyscrapers, gaze at the beauty of a tropical forest and take in the beauty of museums, farms, and housing estates in the heartlands.

In our "For The Love of" series from the second edition of the SG Stories Content Fund, you'll discover hidden gems on our streets, uncover lesser-known facets of our island, and delve into the hearts and minds of everyday Singaporeans, from craftsmen and conservationists to dancers and chefs. 

From art, culture, and exploration to food, nature, and wellness, you’ll find your passions reimagined in Singapore. 

For the Love of Art

Hidden Places

Join dance duo ScRach MarcS, textile designer Yabai Yabai, indie band .gif, and visual artist the supersystem as they take you on four distinct journeys through Singapore's hidden places.

Through The Lens

See Singapore in a different light, as five local photographers share their unique perspectives on our island's myriad landscapes, from nature brimming with wildlife to metropolitan wonders of architecture.

NME Radar Sessions — Singapore

Join our talented local rappers, indie folk musicians, and rock bands in this entrancing series of live jam sessions, as they perform their most popular hits at venues and locales that are close to their hearts.

For the Love of Culture

My House Downstairs

The hidden gems located under Singapore’s public housing estates are brought to light in this fascinating series. From retro arcade machines and cheongsams (traditional Chinese dress) tailor to locally-flavoured teas and religious offerings, these shopkeepers share the stories of their passions and respective crafts.

Artlands: Art in the Heartlands

In Singapore, arts lives beyond galleries and museums. Told through the eyes of artists and residents alike, this colourful homage to art and inspiration uncovers the stories behind the many murals that brighten up Singapore housing estates. 

CULTURA OBSCURA: Singapore's Hidden Roots

Dig deep into the roots of Singapore’s lesser-known linguistic communities in this four-part series. Uncover culinary, artistic, and historical treasures of the Heng Hua dialect, the Kristang communityMalayee traditions, and Minang culinary heritage.

Under My Block

A blend of animation and live-action footage, this series foregrounds the unassuming residential spaces that embody the spirit of six neighbourhoods, and where authentic and unique Singaporean experiences converge.

For the Love of Exploration


Embark on an online adventure, with this interactive video series that will bring you on a treasure hunt through Singapore. Discover fascinating factoids about a colonial-themed bar, a goat farm, Singapore’s offshore islands, and many more lesser-known spots.

Girl Back Home

Nostalgia and novelty come together in a heart-warming blend, with this charming narrative about a girl who returns to Singapore from overseas and discovers experiences both foreign and familiar.

Into the Heart of Our Heartlands

Take a jaunt through the quaint neighbourhoods of Singapore's heartlands, as you peek into our storied past, explore the places where artists go for inspiration, and learn why Singapore is known as a City in Nature.

SG on Foot

Uncover Singapore’s heritage districts, forgotten spots, and hip locales with actor and social media personality Jaikishan, as he takes a 150-kilometre jaunt around the island, and experiences all that Singapore has to offer.

For the Love of Food

Folklore and Food From The Isles of Singapore

Explore the many charms of Singapore's offshore islands with local chefs, and learn how history, food, and folklore intertwine in the most tantalising ways.

From Beans to Brew: The Singapore Coffee Story

Savour Singapore's buzzing coffee scene with us and learn about this beloved local beverage, with this three-part series on traditional coffee, specialty brews, and robot baristas.

For the Love of Nature

Wild over the Wild

Walk on Singapore's wild side with local nature lovers, as they photograph insects at Windsor Nature Park, stroll along the shoreline of Kusu Island, share insights into growing fungi, and explain the intricacies of taxidermy.

Hidden Hustles to Save Wildlife

Embark on an adventure  with the homegrown heroes who keep our diverse wildlife safe, as they rescue snakes from drains, search for the elusive Raffles’ Banded Langur, and unveil the eating habits of the animals at our zoo.

For the Love of Wellness

In Between Worlds

Journey through a tropical forest, discover the buzz about bees, and learn how a traditional local treat is made with Mother Nature in mind, in this fascinating three-part series that highlights how city dwellers can look to the future while preserving the past and embracing sustainability.

Get Well Soon

Mind, body, and spirit come together in this uniquely Singaporean wellness journey, as these fitness, sports, and wellness advocates give you the low-down on the wellness experiences and charming locales that they visit to relax, recuperate, and re-energise.

A Bird's Eye View

Let your imagination take flight with Biddy the bird, in this uplifting video series that captures the virbrant cityscape and slice-of-life moments hidden in the heart of Singapore's Central Business District.