From serene parks to architectural marvels, Singapore’s diverse landscapes are filled with photographable moments for ardent explorers. Read on for a guide – replete with tips – to Instagram-worthy spots in Singapore, and share your discoveries with the rest of the world.

Marina Bay Sands®

Designed by the inimitable architect Moshe Safdie, Marina Bay Sands® is an iconic part of our city’s skyline, and a trove of photo-worthy moments. We recommend the Sands SkyPark and the Helix Bridge if you’re looking to capture gorgeous city vistas.

If you’re more of a nature lover, be sure to head into the 101-hectare Gardens by the Bay in the evening, and explore the three waterfront gardens within. When night falls, the iconic Supertrees here light up in a gorgeous display of light and sound.

Photography tip:
The hour just before sunset is known as the ‘golden hour’ to photographers, due to the rich, warm nature of the lighting. If you’re looking to snap a landscape shot of Marina Bay at sunset, you can visit this link for specific daily timings.

Wide shot of lady in dress with Marina Bay Sands in background Photo by @shuutravels
Wide shot of illuminated Supertree Grove at night at Gardens by the Bay Photo by @ulrichbeinert

Little India

If meeting new people and snapping authentic shots of city life sounds appealing, you’ll want to make a beeline for Little India.

To deepen your appreciation for the visual intricacies of religious architecture, we recommend paying a visit to the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple. Be sure to take a shot of its majestic rajagopuram (front tower) before heading in. As this is a place of worship, be sure that you disable the flash function on your smartphone, so as not to disrupt proceedings.

Filled with the scent of spices and the vivid colours of embroidered saris (traditional Indian womenswear) and flower garlands, Little India Arcade and Tekka Market are great spots to people-watch and snap some shots. Don’t be shy to say hello to the vendors here and ask for permission to shoot beforehand!

Alternatively, if you’re looking to capture shots beneath natural sunlight, be sure to check out the rainbow-hued villa at 37 Kerbau Road. Known as the former house of Tan Teng Niah, this colourful slice of history will make a fine place to practice capturing bright, vibrant colours.

Photography tip:
Be sure to experiment with your camera’s exposure to get the right lighting levels. If you’re an iPhone user, you can use your volume buttons to snap your shot. This should help stabilise your hands, and prevent the photo from looking blurry.

Wide shot of House of Tan Teng Ngiah at Little India Photo by @lifesworthliving___
Portrait shot of a lady with colourful flower garlands in background at Little India Photo by @baseasia

The Southern Ridges

For a location that seamlessly blends lush greenery and iconic architecture, pay a visit to Henderson Waves. Perched 36 metres above the ground, the fantastical form of this 274-metre pedestrian bridge is certainly a sight to behold.

You’ll find ample opportunity to capture shots of vistas, nature and architecture during your visit. Stick around until night fall, and you’ll be rewarded with the spectacular sight of the bridge illuminated by LED lighting.

Photography Tip:
To create a photo that evokes a sense of depth, try incorporating the curve of the bridge into your shot. You can lead the eyes with the lines and geometry of the bridge’s architecture. Be sure to bring an iPhone tripod if you’re planning to shoot at night.

Wide shot of a jumping shot at Henderson Waves Photo by @lidyalimantara
Wide shot of a lady at Henderson Waves Photo by @rtha.s

Old Hill Street Police Station

For a location that hearkens back to Singapore’s past through iconic architecture, pay a visit to The Old Hill Street Police Station. Now housing Singapore’s Ministry of Communications and Information, this heritage building along Hill Street is easy to spot, with its distinctively-coloured windows.

While you’ll find ample daytime opportunities to play with colours and perspectives here, we suggest visiting in the evening and nightfall, which gives you the chance to see how light can dramatically change the way one perceives architecture.

Photography tip:
Challenge yourself by shooting this building at night, and incorporating the traffic on the road into your picture. You’ll need a tripod and an app that’ll let you change your phone’s shutter speed for this: By setting the latter to about 10-30 seconds, the cars and traffic will be captured as dramatic streaks of light.

Wide shot of lady in front of Old Hill Street Police Station Photo by @rikomimi
Wide shot of Old Hill Street Police Station at Clarke Quay Photo by @mfaithr

Singapore Zoo

If you’re a nature lover who’s entranced by the beauty of all creatures large and small, spend a day discovering the fantastic creatures of the Singapore Zoo.

With over 300 species of animals housed in naturalistic habitats and enclosures, this beloved tourist attraction is a great place to hone your reaction time and ability to capture some dynamic shots of wildlife.

Photography Tip:
Patience is key when it comes to shooting animals. If you’ve found a great angle, be sure to wait around and observe the situation. You may find yourself rewarded with a moment you’re bound to cherish.

If you’re hoping to catch flitting wildlife, your smartphone’s default settings may not cut it. Try searching for an app like VSCO (for iPhones) or Camera FV-5 Lite (for Android) that allows you to manually set your camera’s shutter speed.

Wide shot of elephant eating at Singapore Zoo Photo by @vanwee.9
Wide shot of a boy feeding a giraffe at Singapore Zoo Photo by @kennykohgk

Gardens by the Bay

Explorers looking to deepen their appreciation of nature can spend a quiet afternoon at Gardens by the Bay.

A marvel of horticulture and engineering, this surreal site is home to a diversity of gardens and natural wonders, tapping on landscapes that can be found all across the globe.

The arid beauty of the Sun Pavilion and the multi-hued flora of The Flower Dome each have their own appeal, but we suggest exploring the dramatic, mist-filled landscape of the Cloud Forest. Be sure to keep an eye out on Gardens by the Bay’s events calendar—Cloud Forest is often the location for various nature-themed events.

Photography tip:
Practice your closeup shots with the flowers on display. The trick is to keep the background of your subject in mind. Use your phone’s portrait mode, and try to pick a background that’s uniform in colour, so that the subject that you’re shooting stands out.

Wide shot of lady at Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay Photo by @lemielch
Wide shot of lady at Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay Photo by @claudia.sawyers